Nov 29, 2007

GOOD Morning

GOOD Morning Everyone! Yup so far so GOOD! The girls got to school on time today for the first time all week! The boys slept in though so I think thats why. I tell ya, 8am for school to start is way to early for me. Should be more like 8:30am.

Kristopher still has a runny nose this morning...but its turning clear. So thats GOOD! CJ is being calm and watching Elmo on TV, so thats GOOD! Kailey had to take snack for her class today and was all excited and she actually reminded me! So thats GOOD! Hubby said he will try to be home for dinner for the first time this week, so thats GOOD! Maybe this is just going to be a GOOD Day!!! (i can dream right?)

We got Girl Scout Pocket Calendars Wednesday night and parents are already fighting over them. So I don't think I'll have a problem getting them all sold with parents acting that way. Cassie is selling 3 and Kailey 2. Kailey is going to try to sell hers to her teachers. Cassie wants to sell me one, her teacher one, and I have no clue as to who she wants to sell the last one too. I think I'll take them with me today when I go pick them up and they can try to sell them this afternoon, before the other Girl Scouts get to them first. lol. I'm hoping our Wall Calendars will be in before next Wednesday! Those are my Christmas Presents!

Well I don't know what else to ramble about...oh we get paid today, so I get to finish my Christmas Shopping online today!!! WOOHOO for getting to spend money!

Okay well I guess I better go. I've got to clean up the livingroom and throw some dishes in the dishwasher and vaccum some, oh and I need to laundry...never ending...It sounds like my neighbors above me are skating through the house, joy!

P.S. Sorry No Comic Today


So did ya know I was allergic to Cinnamon? I am and like an idiot I ate some last night. *puke* Hubby bought some kind of chex mix that had cinnamon in it, who would of thought. Yea so I had an awful night. My stomach hurt for hours and hours, I never did throw up, but I wish I would have. Today I'm better, but tired from not sleeping well. Please remind me to start checking the ingredients on everything I eat for now on...

Anybody want to come help clean up a messy livingroom? Mine is starting to look like a tornado of 4 kids came through it...I need to get off my butt...

To Grannie: I like to say "Hello World" when I go out in the mornings too. hehe.

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Nov 28, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Hello World...I'm just sitting here. Finally finished with the Girl Scouts Registrar stuff for tonights leaders meeting, which I can't attend because the boys are sick and its at dern 4pm and there is no way hubby can get off that early to watch i'm hoping our OCC can come by sometime before the meeting and pick up all the paperwork. Speaking of paper, I dont have ANY printer paper, it has been used as coloring paper the past month or so and is now all gone, so I'm hoping to borrow some from the school or something so I can print out the stuff for the meeting or our OCC wont have any paperwork to pick up from me. ARG!!!

My crazy cat ate a Coookie this morning, which she then proceded to puke up. Talk about a nasty noise and mess. CJ was like "ewww" lol. Kristopher has got to stop throwing his food onto the floor off of his highchair. I swear I vaccum 2 times a day and it still isnt enough. *sigh*

I forgot to mention yesterday that hubby got Monday off due to running a fever at work. This cold is no joke. Cassie said she felt like she was getting it this morning. Hubby is over his now and CJ isn't coughing as bad and his nose is finally clearing up. Kristopher hasn't been coughing today but his nose is nasty. I wonder when me and Kailey will get it...probably during the weekend with our luck.

Well yesterday we went to playgroup after school at 2:30pm. We had alot of fun. I must brag on my CJ though...He doesn't like to sit through music time, so we put him in this chair that has a seatbelt type thing on it so he couldn't get out. He would scream and throw a fit and we would continue with singing. He would adventually calm down and watch us sing. Well the past two Tuesdays we have missed Playgroup due to Girl Scouts, but yesterday he was so wonderful!!! He helped clean up, pull out the chairs for music, sat in his own little chair, didn't get up and even shared his little toy. Here are the pictures:
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Just look at him sitting there so calm, we were all amazed and so excited!
Here is 3 of Kristopher, notice how he barely hangs on to things now...
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here is Cassie:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
She had her own little resturant going on lol
And here is Kailey, She loves the little doll house sitting on the shelf, you cant see it well though:
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And then two more of CJ:
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Well thats all of the good ones, I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Oh and have I mentioned that my little one year old Kristopher is now bottle free?!?!?! We have been fighting back and forth between a sippy cup and a bottle the past few days and yesterday he went all day without a bottle!!! I'm so very proud of him!!!!

Oh and Cassie's loose tooth is getting really loose the past few days, I think she may have #3 come out very soon! She is complaining with it hurting when she eats, so I believe she will probably pull it out soon. lol.

Let me show you guys the cutest picture while I'm on here...

A beautiful little tri girl with a precious HEART thumbprint on her head!!!! Do you see that??? That is just the kewlest thing and its oh so very cute. And if your wondering, thats a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy of course. It was born 11/10/07. So sweet.

Oh before I forget, wanted to say hey to Nikki, thanks for the comment over on my little shout box. I told chuck you said hello last night when I read it. Oh, and your hubby better get you a tree!!! Whats Christmas without a tree to decorate?

Well I better get off of here. I need to do dishes and vaccum. I'll try to post a bit tomorrow. Love you all!

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Nov 27, 2007

OMG is it Tuesday Already?!?!

WOW where did the time go? I totally missed posting Happy Birthday to my little cousin Rebecca...oh wait...She isn't little anymore...She is the BIG 16!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! I hope you had a great birthday Rebecca, Sorry I wasn't there to enjoy it with you.
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So if anybody is wondering how the tree is holding up...well It hasn't been knocked down yet, BUT almost all of the ornaments have slowly moved to the top half of the tree, because CJ just cant seem to leave them alone. Kristopher could pretty much care less, every once in awhile he will crawl over and touch a branch, but thats about it. So its holding up okay, so far. Just looks a little bare on the bottom. I dont know whats going to happen when I start putting presents under the tree, probably shouldn't huh? I can see CJ tearing into them...hmm maybe they will have to wait.

I got my Christmas cards in the mail I ordered yesterday!!! So Christmas cards will be going out this week, soooo to all those family members of mine out there, keep your eyes open for a christmas card in your mail box soon!
As I was filling out envelopes, I came across my Cousin Chris' address and realized I won't be sending him a christmas card this year. To bad Heaven doesn't have a PO Box. :(

Well I guess I need to run. We have Playgroup this afternoon at 2:30pm. Then I have a Girl Scouts Leaders meeting tomorrow at 4pm. I don't even know if i'm going to be able to make it, 4pm is really early and no way will hubby be able to watch the boys, he will be at work and finding someone to watch two little sick boys will not be an easy task. *sigh*

Well I'll try to post tomorrow or thursday...maybe I'll remember the camera today for playgroup...we will see. Byes all!

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Nov 24, 2007

Christmas Tree Pictures

Well I promised to post Christmas Tree pictures so here they are.
First Chuck puts on the lights, while CJ
tells him what colors they are:

Next is the Angel (my fav part) along with the tree skirt:

Then the kids in front of it before we start adding ornaments:

Cassie adding her touch to the tree:

CJ pointing out to Kailey that there are tons of
ornaments on the tree that he would just love
to pull down and play with:

And whats a tree without CandyCanes:

Okay I think I was nuts to actually think I'd get a good picture
of me and the kids in front of the tree:

Kristopher checking out the tree, I wonder
how long till he pulls it down? :

Well there ya go, A fun day at the Payne house, putting up our Christmas Tree!
Christmas is almost here you guys!!!!

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Nov 23, 2007

Friday Shopping

Guess what?!?! I got the kitchen set i've been wanting to get the kids for Christmas FINALLY!!! I'm so excited!!! I think we are finally done with Christmas shopping for the kids now! This was the last thing I really wanted to get them!!! Can you tell i'm excited? lol We even saved $20 bucks on it! Also we got the boys some more sleepers, they love wearing them around the house all day and they keep them nice and warm. I don't have to worry about CJ taking his socks off and his feet being cold, or him sliding down because of his socks, cause you know those sleeper things have the rubber grips on the feet. To bad they dont make sleepers in my size. LOL!

Then we just went regular shopping....Cassie got make-up, Kailey got a Dora DSL game, of course CJ got cars, and Kristopher got some kind of toy Chuck picked out, I don't even remember what it was. But they both seemed excited about it. haha.

Well I promised to remember Kristopher's weight and height, so let me get it real quick, I wrote it down... He weighed 22 pounds and was 31 inches tall. They said he was growing great! The lady doctor said he had the cutest dimples. I'm so proud of my little guy. She filled out the WIC form for formula for me. And said she wanted to go ahead and switch him to a SOY based formula to see how that goes. Also she put in for him to get the milk allergy test. So I guess we will take him up to the lab and get that done when Cassie has to go back in December. I'll keep ya updated of course.

Cassie and Kailey are over on the couch fighting over Kailey's new Dora NDS game. The boys are both asleep. Then Chuck is back in the bedroom asleep too cause he has an awful headache and has to go into work tonight at 11pm.

We were going to put the tree up today but I dont believe thats going to happen now. Maybe Sunday we will before or after going to the Grocery Store. I'll make sure to take pictures of us putting up the tree. Which reminds me I need to buy batteries for the camera.

Well I better go...Byes!

Nov 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its days like today that really make me miss home. I remember as a child going over to my Grannie's house and sitting down with the entire family and eating a huge meal. My Papa would make an awesome Chicken Casarole that we all mouthwatered over. Afterwards the women would clean the kitchen, the men would pile into the TV room and watch the football game, while us kids ran around and played. Ahh memories...

Today me and hubby have been in the kitchen cooking all morning and washing dishes. Ugh i'm about tired of the kitchen now. Hubby made deviled eggs, the Turkey, Baked Potatoes, stuffing, and a Strawberry Pie. I made a Ham, greenbean cassarole, and pasta salad. We are going to have so many leftovers or either we are going to gain 10 lbs. lol.

CJ has an awful cough every since Tuesday night. Poor little guy. He feels like poopie. He hasn't lost his appitite though, he is a pig. lol. I rubbed some Vapor Rub on his feet and put a sleeper on him for nap. I hope he sleeps well and gets over this cold or whatever it is quickly.

Well i'm going to go for now. I may be back later to update about our day if I have time. Byes!

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Nov 21, 2007

Clean Up After Your Dogs!!!

This morning we had to take our umbrellas in order to stay dry on our walk to school. I was trying to make sure everyone was keeping up so I turned around to look at the girls. When I hit something with my shoe, I look down and guess what it was??? A HUGE pile of dog CRAP! OMG how rude can people be and not clean up after their dogs??? It was right by the dumpsters too! All they had to do was put it in a bag and throw it in the trash! How hard is that! But no they had to leave it for me to step in. Of course it got on my jeans as well, because my pants like to drag the ground. Next time I'll remember to watch where I'm going and use the eyes in the back of my head to keep up with where the girls are. *sigh*

Well Anyways...I'm just sitting here. We are all done eating supper. Well except for hubby, cause he is still at work. Hopefully he will be home in the next 30 mins or so if we are lucky. Family Dinner? What's that again? Oh where the WHOLE family sits down at the table and eats a nice meal all TOGETHER....Well that doesn't happen here...Not often enough anyways.

Soooo Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone eats a ton of food and gains 10 pounds. lol. We are going to start cooking some tonight. OOOHHHH maybe tomorrow we will get to have one of those "Family Dinners!"

Kristopher has his ONE YEAR Check up Friday at 11:30am. I'll have to try to remember how much he weighs and how tall he is so I can share it with everyone. I always tend to forget by the time I get home. *sigh* I hate mommy brain....or maybe its just MY Brain???

C.J. has now hit the terrible 3's i guess? I know I know, he isn't 3 yet, but OMG is he ill all the time!!! I had to put him to bed just to clean and cook supper. I think he went to sleep? If not he sure did sit in there quietly, thank goodness!

Well, guess I better clean up supper dishes and start boiling some eggs for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great evening and day tomorrow. Byes!
Oh don't forget to check below for today's Comic "Being Five", its sooooo FUNNY!

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Nov 20, 2007

Its Tuesday Night & I'm tired!

Just got back from our Brownie Meeting a bit ago and i'm sooo tired! I didnt get any pictures. I had my camera sitting on the table and nobody picked it up. Oh well, I can't do everything. We got two Try-Its done though. Safety and Plants. We had alot of fun.

I got Cassie a doctors appointment for Dec. 13th at 1:30pm. Hopefully we can find out the lab results with her poopie then and turn in her ADD paperwork from school. Cassie is doing homework now. We forgot to do it before the meeting. They are gonna be tired in the morning when its time to get up for school. Guess I'll have to drag them out of bed. haha.

I got an e-mail from my aunt jan yesterday. very kewl. She hasn't replied back yet though. Hopefully she will soon. I miss her and my little cousin Nicole.
Heck I miss everyone back home. *sigh*

OH i'm a huge fan of The Young And The Restless and for anybody that watches it, I'm sooooo worried about Victoria and her baby. lol. They better not end up saying the baby is going to die or something, thats gonna make me MAD if they do.

Well I better go...gotta get ready for bed and get the girls in bed too. Byes!

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Nov 19, 2007

just another post

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Well i'm just sitting here watching CSI with hubby. We had chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes for supper. Oh and some toast. It was pretty good. Yummy. lol.

I watched my friend Amelia's two youngest ones today so she could move into her new apartment. We had alot of fun. I didn't get much cleaning done though, but thats okay.

They finally came and fixed our lights. Our kitchen light has been out for almost a week, along with both bathrooms. So the girls missed school today because I forgot to give them a bath last night and then it was so dern dark in there this morning I couldnt give them a bath then either. Arg! But they will be getting baths tonight for sure!

Cassie went to a birthday party this weekend. It was Saturday at Kid's Zone. She said she had alot of fun. We didn't stay so I didn't get any pictures. We went over to the local PX and got a few christmas presents for the kids and finally got Kristopher is first pair of shoes.

Tomorrow night is our Brownie meeting, so I probably won't post anything tomorrow. But i'll try to put some pictures up Wednesday.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, so I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Don't eat to much you guys. lol.
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