Dec 29, 2007

WooHoo for Saturday!

Ahh its the weekend people! Hubby has the weekend off, which is always nice. First thing this morning I got an email from an internet friend Rick, who drew my husbands Christmas Present. You can see a copy of the picture on the top left side of my blog now. Isn't it cute?!?! You can see Rick's Blog HERE and maybe order your own for that special someone or just for yourself! He is having a contest right now and you might even WIN a FREE one. Free is always good!

So...We went to the powerzone and got the girls a new VSmile game for their new handheld VSmile, thanks Nana, they girls love it and fight over it. lol. Na, really, Thank You, they absolutley love the thing and it keeps them very well occupied. CJ got more cars *sigh* can a kid have to many hotwheel cars? Me and Kristopher and Dad didn't get anything. No wait, Chuck got a new remote for the TV in the livingroom! Ahhh another remote to lose and that will get thrown around by CJ. Then on to the PX we went. I picked up three gifts for the Father Daughter Dance and some Cotton Balls for my "How many Cotton Balls are in the Jar" contest. I had to get three gifts because one is for a Daisy winner, one for a Brownie Winner, and one for a Junior Winner. Should be alot of fun, I hope. Then on to the Grocery Store we went. It was about 5pm by then. We spent a little over $200 at the grocery store, we must eat WAY to much! Got home, unloaded the groceries, ate our Sub sandwhiches we bought at the Commisary, and then relaxed and played with the kids. Come bed time at 7pm we laid the boys down to bed and then Me, Chuck, Cassie, and Kailey all played a game of "Life". Cassie got the game from Santa Clause and so far we are having a blast playing it. So far I've won both games. GO ME! lol.

Well I got wet hair, took a shower a few minutes ago. Guess I need to dry my hair and go to bed. Its already almost 10:45pm. I'm gonna be tired in the morning. Oh well, tomorrow is cleaning day in the Payne House, oh joy! Until next time....Love ya all,

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Dec 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Here is CJ and Kristophers Presents:

Here is Kailey and Cassie's Presents:

Here is their Kitchen Set:


CJ opening presents:



The boys with their new track:

Chuck and his present from me:

Kristopher playing with the kitchen set:


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Dec 21, 2007

Is 12 degrees cold?

Okay 12 degrees is just nuts and VERY cold! I looked outside and everything is white. Not from snow, but from ice. I was hoping to go to the store today, now i'm not so sure.

Yesterday was the Christmas Party for Chuck's work. It was at the clubhouse at the golf course. That was the first time I've even been there. We had to walk up a hill to get to the place and it was freezing outside. Needless to say by the time we got to the door I was ill. As the long 2 hours went on It wasn't so bad. The kids had fun. The food was good. Somebody played a guitar and we sang Christmas music. I was glad to leave though. Kris was getting ill cause he wanted to sleep. CJ was getting wild and was throwing things around the room. Cassie and Kailey did very well though. We got two gifts, both a thing of candy. Yummy!

We have been invited to go to a candlelight Christmas eve service, Christmas Eve night at 6pm. I really want to go. I'm sure its going to be really nice.

It's 8am. Why am I up so early? Chuck's still in bed, along with Kailey and Kristopher. Me, CJ, and Cassie are up. Whats wrong with us? It's Saturday. Shouldn't we all be sleeping late? Maybe in a few years when the kids are grown and they all want to sleep in.

Well i'm going to go now. Need to put some pants on CJ, his legs are cold. Gotta give the kids that are up their medicine. 3 days till Christmas!

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Dec 20, 2007

Medicine Anyone?

Well when you have 4 sick kids this is what your counter looks like when its time for medicine. 3 times a day, until its all gone.
Kailey has pneumonia, runny nose, and cough.
CJ has tonsillitis, runny nose, and cough.
Cassie was starting to get what CJ had, along with a runny nose and cough.
Kristopher has nasty cold coming out of his eyes, runny nose and cough.

Wanted to share an awesome receipe with everyone too:

Last night was our Christmas Party Awards Ceremony for our Brownie Troop. Here is some pictures of me and the girls:

The girls earned EIGHT Try-Its and SEVEN Fun Patches! I'm so proud of them!
One of my Brownies Kaleigh gave me a Christmas gift and a bowl full of candy. Aww!

Tomorrow is the CID Christmas Party. It starts at 3pm. We were not going to go, but then they made it mandatory because Chuck said we were not coming. Go figure. Guess we will show up for a few minutes and then leave. I can't handle 4 sick kids while everyone stands around and talks. Not my idea of fun. I might take pictures if I get a chance. I think we are taking pasta salad for our dish.

Christmas is just around the corner people! I hope everyone is almost done shopping. We have been finished for a little while. Don't forget to tell your children the real meaning of Christmas!

I'm hoping, praying for a white christmas, no snow as of yet though. :( So sad. I want some snow sooooo very badly!!!

I'll update tomorrow if I get a chance. Byes all!

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Dec 16, 2007

Videos and Update

Here is a video taken probably a month ago of the girls dancing and me singing. lol. We did this for my mom and I couldn't get the video to upload until now.

Saturday was our Troop Sleepover. The boys stayed with my friend Pam. She said they did very well thank goodness. The sleepover started at 6pm Saturday night. We played games, danced, had relay races, made crafts, and I did face painting. Then they watched Christmas movies and for our late night snack we had marshmallow snowmen and christmas tree graham crackers. Bedtime finally came around midnight. I finally laid down for about 10 minutes when Kailey woke up with a fever of 105.6. Me and my friend Gini took her to the German Hospital in town. They gave her a ton of medicine and said she had pneumonia. I sat up with her most the night so I didn't get any sleep. So Sunday me and Chuck took turns sleeping. He had worked night shift and didn't get to sleep any either. So last night we are all dog tired. We all sleep till about 7:30am this morning. So both the girls are home. Here is a video from the sleepover:

Chuck MISSED his PT test. Yes he MISSED it! So I don't know when he will take it. He said something about taking it tomorrow. I hope he does, I wanted a school date by Christmas, now its looking more like sometime after the New Year he will get his school date. Either way I'll keep ya'll updated.

Well I'm going to have to run. After such a crazy weekend the house is a mess. I have to clean and do laundry and I really don't want to. Is it nap time yet???

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Dec 13, 2007

Just rambling...

Good Morning World! I'm just sitting here at the dinning room table with CJ in my lap. I figured I'd update while I had a break. Not much going on really but i'm sure I can come up with something to ramble on about....

Yesterday was Chucks first day of school. It's only 3 days long. He didn't get home till late last night and said he will be working late again tonight also. He works way to much. Sometimes I hate the Army Life. He got to go hang out with the guys last night after school to get some off time with some friends. Must be nice huh? I think I'm going to go over to a friends house one Saturday night and watch a movie or something so I can get out of the house too.

Today my Brownie Co-Leader Jennifer is suppose to be coming over to plan the Troop Sleepover. I haven't heard from her yet though. Don't know where she is. The Troop Sleepover is this Saturday night and the girls are so excited about it. I need to pull out their NEW sleeping bags and let them air out so they don't smell like a Walmart Warehouse anymore. We have so many fun things planned. You have to check out the food we are going to make.
We are going to make these yummy looking marshmallow snowmen:

And these Honey Graham Cracker Christmas Trees:

I'll have to make sure to get lots of pictures of my girls doing this. There will be 16 girls there Saturday night. Wow we are going to have our hands full!!!
Layouts & More @ ColorArmy.Com

We have all our Christmas presents wrapped. Not all of them are under the tree though because I don't want to temp CJ into tearing them all open. Stockings are full and hid in the closet. We had them handing up in the livingroom but CJ kept finding a way to pull them down and then would try to put them on his foot while saying "sock, sock". So yea no stockings are hanging up this year. But they are ready for Christmas! Now all we have to do is wait on the boxes my Mom and Dad sent us from home, to finish stockings and filling under the tree. I'm getting excited!!! Oh and Chuck found out he isn't on call Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, isn't that wonderful news!!!

Real quick before I forget...Cassie's Class was in the Paper:

Well I better go I guess. I need to clean up the livingroom. The kitchen and dinning room are clean, but the livingroom is a train wreck. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! Happy Holidays!

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Dec 11, 2007

Tuesday Post

So sorry I haven't posted in so long everyone. Friday I was sick with the stomach flu and I've been recovering from that. CJ has been sick and well just everyday life has not given me the time to sit down and post. So here we go, a long over due update on the Payne Family...

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The Girls want their teeth LOL!

Kailey lost her first tooth last Monday.
It was her top right is a picture:

Of course anytime you pull out the camera CJ has to come get in the picture:

Speaking of CJ, he has become a pro with using a spoon recently. There is a long story behind him using a spoon. I tried many spoons and he wouldn't use any of them. He couldn't figure it out and he just didn't like any that I gave him. So when we went home in May of this year, we purchased some Lightning McQueen plastic spoons, they have Lightning and Sally on the them and are different colors. Well once he saw those he WANTED to use a spoon. So now he loves using a spoon and is quite good at it I might add. Here he is eating some yummy vanilla pudding with his Sally spoon:

Yesterday, Monday, I babysat a little girl named Kaylie. CJ seems to really like her. They get along great. He shares with her and everything. Here they are watching TV and eating popcorn yesterday:

Back to loosing teeth. Cassie lost her 5th tooth today during lunch at school. She went to the nurse and she gave her a little plastic treasure chest to put it in. She was so excited to show me when she got home today from school. Here is ms. toothless:

Of course again, I pulled out the camera and CJ came running to say "cheese" lol
CJ has been very sick, so he looks awful:

Poor kid has an awful runny nose, puffy eyes, and just feels plain awful. He is eating fine and drinking well though, which is a good sign.

Here is a picture of him and Kailey sitting on the floor watching TV (notice he has on Daddy's shirt, he has had it on all day lol)

I just caught CJ playing My Nintendo DS Lite, he is playing Kailey's Dora Game:

Aint my baby smart...2 years old and can play a Nintendo LOL!

Well thats about all thats been going on around here I guess. Weather is nasty and rainy. Not a bit of snow lately. Just rain. I'll let ya know as soon as we get some snow though! Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!

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