Mar 27, 2006

Pics From Kids Zone March 22nd

Me and CJ went to a place called Kids Zone in K-Town Wednesday which happened to be his birthday! We went the ladies from playgroup. They didn't have alot of stuff for little kids, but what they did have CJ had a blast! Here are some pictures from that day.

Mar 25, 2006

Damselfly Nymph

So I was cleaning out my fish tank last night. I have 3 large females and 1 teenage female Guppies. Then I have one beautiful male Guppie. One of my females have given me 4 guppy fry recently who seem to be doing well. So anyways, during this water change, i noticed white long skinny insects in my tank. What In The World??? So I went to my favorite fish forum: I took a few pics of these little guys and they helped me to identify them as Damselfly Nymphs. They will eat my guppies if they get close enough to them. So I tried to remove as many as possible. I'll have to do another water change in a week to get any i missed. Hopefully none of these things will morph into an Adult Damselfly and start flying around the apartment, wouldn't that be a sight. They won't bit, but eat other insects. Here is a link to what these nymphs look like:
Freaky huh? lol
And here is a picture of an Adult with wings:
Isn't he beautiful???
Well anyways, Just thought I'd share, I must go...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Mar 24, 2006

Its Friday!

No School today...So its wild around here. Chuck is trying to sleep somehow through all of this. He has to go back into work again tonight at 8pm. These night shifts are awful!!! But anyways, nothing really going on here. Same ol' same ol'

I hope everyone back home had a good week. I hope you all have a great weekend as well. We miss you all so much!!!

I need to work on writing an article for this month, but gosh I haven't had time and there is nothing really to talk about. Any ideas??? I'm fresh out.

I got an e-mail from Pastor Harold Salmon this morning. Letting me know they were coming to pick the girls up June 19th. I can't believe they are really leaving me for almost 2 months. I'm going to lose my mind!!! :(

Well its snack time here, so I better go. Byes!

Mar 18, 2006

Pictures Of CJ's 1st Birthday Party

CJ is fixing to start opening his presents
Don't you just love his HAT?!?!

More Presents

Oooh Leapfrog Tad toy

All of his presents!

CJ's 1st Birthday Card!

CJ's Sunshine Carebear Cake

His Sunshine Carebear Candle

CJ & Daddy Blowing out his Candle!

OHHH Cake!!!!!!! Tons of Sugar!

Hey This Tastes GOOD!

Another Picture LOL

Ahh Who needs a plate???

Lookie Its on my NOSE!!!

CJ is such a mess!

Here is Kailey

Here is Teia & Cassie

Birthday Decorations

Happy 1st Birthday CJ!!!

Mar 13, 2006

Hey Sorry I haven't posted

Cassie has been sick with an Ear Infection and pink eye. So that has been no fun at all.
Friday I went to a Surprise Baby Shower and that was so much fun!
Sunday was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts and I had a blast, was really upset that Cassie couldn't go with me tho since she was sick. But I was able to bring her some stuff home from the event.
Tonight I'm walking down to Jenifer's house to discuss our Girl Scout Meeting this Wednesday.
So I guess you can say I've been busy. Well I'll post later, just wanted to pop on and leave a line for everyone. BYES!

Mar 9, 2006

Rain Rain Rain

Its been raining since yesterday evening and washing all our snow away.

We got 3 new neighbors today and they are already complaining. Oh the joys of living in military housing.

Today is Chuck's last day for the week of working his 12 hour shifts. He gets 4 days off now. YAY! He has to go back to work Tuesday. Hopefully we won't drive each other nuts by then. haha.

I went to a pampered chief party today. Spent 50 bucks. Whoo I hope Chuck doesn't spank me. haha. But their stoneware stuff is just so nice!!!

Anyways, not much to talk about. I'll be back tomorrow sometime, if Chuck doesn't steal the computer from me. Byes!!!

Mar 8, 2006

Hey Everybody

I'm tired. Girl Scouts wore me out this afternoon. Chuck got home around 8pm, its so weird him working 12 hours at once, doesn't seem right. Cassie stayed up till he got home, the other two passed out way before. Chuck got his "24" Playstation 2 game that he has waited to come out for over a year now. I'm still waiting on my Sim2 Open for Buisness EP to come in the mail. Mine was mailed a day before his so it should be in by this weekend or ima be mad. haha. Well i'm beat, going to bed. Good night world. Have a good rest of the week and Oh, Happy Hump Day!!!

Mar 7, 2006

What Do You See? By: Kailey

Here is the book Kailey made at school yesterday. Talking about being proud of something. She even took it to her other class and read it to her friends today. She is such a sweet heart!

Teacher Bethany that we both love so much is on the right.

Mar 3, 2006

Good Morning - Saturday

Well it actually didn't snow anymore last night. I was so surprised this morning. Not sure if its going to snow anymore today tho. Have to wait and see I guess.

My Sister-In-Law Kelly gave birth to a healthy little girl named Bailey yesterday early morning. She was 8 lbs. 7oz. and 20 inches long. Congratulations to Kelly & Zack, Welcome to the parenting world!
So I'm a Aunt for the second time, don't I feel special!

Well its 7:18am by the computers clock, kids are still sleeping, I had to get up to take the dog out to potty and feed him his breakfast....So I think ima go back to bed now. I'll post again tomorrow! Byes till then!

(p.s. wow this blog is so much easier haha)

Even More Pictures:

Here are some pictures of Boots at 12 weeks old!

And here is my little man CJ, pulled up all on his own and I caught him in the action!!! LOL!

Tons Of Pictures:

Here are some pictures of the kids. We are all stuck in the house due to the snow. They are driving me nuts. Anybody want one? HAHA!

Here are some pictures of our snow...keep in mind this is the second day after we had already shoveled most of it, but it all came back down on us again and its suppose to snow all night and then tomorrow as well. We are way over a foot I've heard.

Snow Snow and More Snow

Well yesterday school was closed for the first time in 5 years due to snow and road conditions.
Today they started school like normal and then the snow started again. So everyone got out at 12 noon. Road conditions are becoming really bad due to snow plows only being able to do so much. The snow has been coming down for hours and we are now over a foot of snow. The weather man says it will continue to snow until tomorrow evening. 6+ inches will be added by tomorrow if not more. I'm guessing more. So hubby has gone to the store to pick up a few things to survive off of this weekend. I've heard the stores are already getting low on certain things, so I hope he hurries!!!

Yesterday was my little Sister Shannon's Birthday. She turned the big 12! Happy Birthday Shannon!
Also my Aunt Jan turned a year older. Happy Birthday Aunt Jan!!!

What a special day with all these birthdays going on!!! Well I must go for now, I'll be back tomorrow I'm sure! Byes Everyone!

Mar 2, 2006

Guess Who Is Turning One This Month?

March 22nd is this little guys Birthday!
We plan to have his party March 18th,
be looking for your invitation in your

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