Nov 21, 2007

Clean Up After Your Dogs!!!

This morning we had to take our umbrellas in order to stay dry on our walk to school. I was trying to make sure everyone was keeping up so I turned around to look at the girls. When I hit something with my shoe, I look down and guess what it was??? A HUGE pile of dog CRAP! OMG how rude can people be and not clean up after their dogs??? It was right by the dumpsters too! All they had to do was put it in a bag and throw it in the trash! How hard is that! But no they had to leave it for me to step in. Of course it got on my jeans as well, because my pants like to drag the ground. Next time I'll remember to watch where I'm going and use the eyes in the back of my head to keep up with where the girls are. *sigh*

Well Anyways...I'm just sitting here. We are all done eating supper. Well except for hubby, cause he is still at work. Hopefully he will be home in the next 30 mins or so if we are lucky. Family Dinner? What's that again? Oh where the WHOLE family sits down at the table and eats a nice meal all TOGETHER....Well that doesn't happen here...Not often enough anyways.

Soooo Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone eats a ton of food and gains 10 pounds. lol. We are going to start cooking some tonight. OOOHHHH maybe tomorrow we will get to have one of those "Family Dinners!"

Kristopher has his ONE YEAR Check up Friday at 11:30am. I'll have to try to remember how much he weighs and how tall he is so I can share it with everyone. I always tend to forget by the time I get home. *sigh* I hate mommy brain....or maybe its just MY Brain???

C.J. has now hit the terrible 3's i guess? I know I know, he isn't 3 yet, but OMG is he ill all the time!!! I had to put him to bed just to clean and cook supper. I think he went to sleep? If not he sure did sit in there quietly, thank goodness!

Well, guess I better clean up supper dishes and start boiling some eggs for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great evening and day tomorrow. Byes!
Oh don't forget to check below for today's Comic "Being Five", its sooooo FUNNY!

Today's Comic:


Mama said...

Kristy, That comic strip was hilarious! Too funny! I'm sorry about your walk to school. Those people ought to be shot! Too many dogs there in my opinion for apartment living. Too many letting their young children do all the walking of the dogs and (not) cleaning up after them. The adults should be ashamed!

Mama said...


I hope that you, Chuck, Cassie, Kailey, CJ and Kris have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. I'm be thinking about all of you and, of course, missing all of you. Take care of each other and enjoy your family time together. Don't eat too much, lol. I'm gonna try real hard not to (which is very hard).
Love, Mama

Hayley said...

LMAO That comic strip is great, I bet thats what my kids say about me ha ha I have been covering the grey for 10 years nows!!
I hope you didnt feel too sick when you had to clean your shoes and jeans off those dirty dog owners!!!
take Care Lots of Love
Hayley xx

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