Jul 26, 2006

CJ @ The Pool Today!

Today was CJ's first trip to the POOL in Germany!!!

He had soooo much fun crawlilng around!!!

Goofy Grinning Self!

Giving mama a funny look! LOL!

AHH that water feels good!

Now lets see where I can crawl to!

Mama keeps following me with that dern camera!

I'll run away before she catches me so I can stay forever!

Who Do We Look Like?

Go Here:
Look under:
Face Recognition
Then click on:
Find the Celebrity in You

Here are me and Chuck's results:

Jul 24, 2006

News around here...

...Well it isnt much. I've been invited to go with Shelly, Beth, and their families to the pool Wednesday after lunch. Chuck won't get to go because he will be sleeping. But I'm sure CJ will enjoy getting out of the house and playing in the water.

I talked to the girls today. Cassie has learned a new game. The "COPYCAT" game. It was so funny, everything I would say, she would have to repeat. So of course the conversation took forever to get anything out of her, other than repeating what I was saying. haha! She said they were making Lemonade. Kailey was playing with Barbies. Cassie also told me that Kailey has been crying after me, which broke my heart in half. She was right, as soon as Kailey got on the phone, she asked me to come pick her up. Poor thing doesn't understand. I wish I could go pick her up and bring her home and cover her with hugs and kisses! She seemed to be having fun, just missing her Mama. Well their time is almost up there and she will be home with her family soon enough. I can't hardly wait!

Chuck is sleeping now. Poor thing has had hardly any sleep all day since he had to take me to my appointment. I've got to go wake him up soon. Tomorrow i'm sure he will be awfully tired and hopefully will be able to get some sleep.

Well thats the update for now. I hope everyone thats come by here and reads has a good week and upcoming weekend. We are going to a birthday party Saturday, so at least we have some kind of plans. Love you all! Byes!

24 Week OBGYN Appointment

Today was my 24 week OBGYN Appointment. I'm actually only 23 weeks though. My weight is at 126 pounds now. The babies heartbeat was at 140 beats per minute. My fundal height is correct with 23 weeks. Everything is looking really good so far.
I have to go to the Clinic as soon as I can to have the lovely sugar test. I hate drinking that nasty stuff. My next appointment is August 23rd @ 3:30pm. I'm going to go Friday to sceduale my ultrasound appointment. I hope I get an appointment thats really soon, I'm tired of waiting! Well thats all for now!

Jul 17, 2006

Pics of CJ with his NEW HAIR CUT

The below pictures are of before his hair cut I took yesterday:

If you can't find CJ, he is probably hiding behind the curtains in the dinning room. He LOVES to look out the window and watch the cars drive down the hill and then sometimes he catches a bird flying from tree to tree. Its so cute to watch his face light up!

Here he is just chilling!

Now he is watching the fish in Daddy's fish tank!

Here are pictures from today of his NEW HAIR CUT!

belly pics @ 22 weeks

I just weighed myself and I'm at 122 pounds. WOW! lol

ONLY 7 more days till my next Appointment!!!
Pray I get an ultrasound!!! :D

Jul 15, 2006

Just a quick update!

Well its been 10 days since I posted last. Sorry about that. Guess I've been kinda lazy. All is fine around here. CJ is trying to start to walk finally. He can walk as long as he is holding on to one of your fingers. He will also walk from the couch to the TV or to the coffee table, of course only when its because he wants something. He never walks on his own when we want him to. haha! I'll see if I can catch him in the act and take a picture today. Its really hard cause those few 3 or 4 steps happen so fast, but i'll do my best. Today is Sunday, which means I get to call my baby girls at 4pm my time. I can't hardly wait! 8 more days till my OBGYN appointment. I'm getting pretty excited about that as well. I'm really hoping they do an ultrasound at my appointment, since I heard they have all the equipment right there. Guess I'll have to wait and see. 29 days left till my babies are home and in their own bed again. Man this has been a weird and long summer with them not being here. They haven't missed much tho, I'm sure they are having a blast. I heard they were going to the ZOO and to the beach. Thats more than what we are doing over here. Still haven't went anywhere like we have wanted to. It takes money to do anything and money isn't growing off any trees over here. haha! Well I better go, CJ is done eating breakfast and is ready to get down and play. Love you all!

Wanted to edit my post to add:
My little ticker at the top of the page says i'm 22 weeks pregnant today. With only 126 days to go. It also says the baby is 11 inches tall, lungs are developing and their fingernails are all finished! Isn't that kewl!

Jul 6, 2006

My Next OBGYN Appointment

I called yesterday and made my next appointment. It is a Monday, July 24th at 3:00pm. I will be 23 weeks pregnant then. After my appointment I'll update everyone on how me and baby are doing.

But so far we are doing fine. No weird cravings for me. I was craving Taco Bell but it has passed. At 5 weeks pregnant I weighed 113 pounds and now at 20 weeks I weigh 120 pounds, So i've gained about 7 pounds so far. I might be a little behind on weight gain, but thats pretty normal for me.

The baby moves alot during the day and night. With some pretty good kicks once in awhile. Well not much more to update on. I still feel like the baby is a girl. I guess we will find out sometime if I can ever get an ultrasound appointment.

Well I'm off to bed early tonight. I've got a bad headache and being pregnant makes me sooooooo tired. Nite all and I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend!

Jul 3, 2006

Pics of our new 4 Bedroom Apt.

Here are some pictures of our apartment...
please excuse the messes!!!

Okay first we have the dinning room.
The table is a mess, sorry, I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets, I can't seem to get them right!
Off to the left is our front door, to the right is the hallway, and where I'm standing to take the picture, is in the livingrom.

Next we have the livingroom.
Behind the couch is the computer area, where I'm sitting now. LOL!
To the right is the front door and the dining room and to the left is the balcony.
Behind where I'm standing is the hallway.

Alright now I'm standing over in the corner of the livingroom where the balcony door is.
The door at the top left is headed to the hallway.

Another picture of the livingroom.
I'm standing in the diningroom to take this picture.
Out the window is the balcony and you can see the building across the street.
They are very plain.

Here is the doorway.
To the left is the livingroom and to the right is the diningroom.

As soon as you go down the hallway, the first door to the left is the Playroom.
Here is a picture of it.

At the back of the apartment, off of our bedroom, where I'm standing to take the picture, you can see our backdoor, which leads to no where, and the laundry room off to the right.

Here is me and Chuck's messy bathroom.
Don't pick on our makeshift trashcan! LOL!
There is a stand up shower on the right.

Here is a picture of the girls bathroom / guest bathroom.

Another of that bathroom.

And here is a picture down the hallway.
The playroom is off to the left.
Cassie & Kailey's room is across from it on the right.
In front of the bathroom to the left is me and Chuck's bedroom.
And across from it is CJ's bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'll take pictures of the kitchen and bedrooms another time.

43 Days to Go!

Only 43 more days till Cassie and Kailey come home! I can't hardly wait!!!

I got to talk to Cassie and Kailey Sunday morning their time, 4pm my time. They are so precious and I miss them so much. It was really weird talking to them on the phone, thats not something we are used to. Unless we are pretending to talk on the phone with each other while we are sitting in the same room...HAHA! But thats different!

They seem to be having a great time. I just hope time will hurry up and fly by!

Oh and by the way, Cassie's birthday was July 2nd!!!
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20 Weeks Pregnant

Only 140 Days to Go!

I noticed on my little ticker at the top of my blog it says about the baby for week 20
"I'm 10.5 inches tall from head to heel & I wiggle lots & wake mommy up at night!"

And man oh man is that true!!! HAHA! The other morning I was trying to take a nap before lunch time and the baby would not stop kicking me. So I asked Chuck to put his hand on my belly, because we all know, as soon as somebody puts their hand on your belly to feel the baby move, it seems to instantly stop! HAHA! But this little bugger is just hard headed like me and its daddy! It started kicking like crazy and Chuck thought it was funny and was poking back. They played like that for a good 20 minutes. I guess they wore each other out because they both fell asleep soon after.

About my OBGYN Appointment that was supposed to be June 30th. Well the appointment lady screwed it up and the appointment didn't even exsist. Long story short, I've got to call first thing Wednesday morning and make ANOTHER one. UGH! Hopefully it will be soon so we can hurry up and get an ultrasound appointment made, I can't hardly wait to find out this little bundle of joys gender!!!

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