Nov 29, 2007


So did ya know I was allergic to Cinnamon? I am and like an idiot I ate some last night. *puke* Hubby bought some kind of chex mix that had cinnamon in it, who would of thought. Yea so I had an awful night. My stomach hurt for hours and hours, I never did throw up, but I wish I would have. Today I'm better, but tired from not sleeping well. Please remind me to start checking the ingredients on everything I eat for now on...

Anybody want to come help clean up a messy livingroom? Mine is starting to look like a tornado of 4 kids came through it...I need to get off my butt...

To Grannie: I like to say "Hello World" when I go out in the mornings too. hehe.

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Mama said...

I sure hope you are feeling better! You really need to be careful. You will definitely need to read all labels from now on! Have a wonderful day sweetheart. Love you very much!

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