Oct 24, 2006

36 Week OBGYN Appointment

I gained 10 pounds in the past month. So now ive gained 35 pounds in all. the babies heart rate was in the high 140's. He didnt even check me! I was hoping he would and say I had some kind of progress. Oh well! Also I can't get my appointment next week to get my membranes stripped because he is taking a mini vacation. So my next appointment is Nov. 7th @ 8:45am and I'll be 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant then and he will strip my membranes for me at that time. I'm measuring right on time...36 cm. OH and the head is down! Ugh i'm so tired of being pregnant! Well thats my update!

Oct 22, 2006

Girl Scouts - Fall Jamboree

This weekend was our Girl Scouts Fall Jamboree. Here are some pictures of Cassie during one of her Brownie meetings making her Lantern and Sit-Upon for the event. The last picture is of her troop together.

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We had alot of fun. We played a ton of games. They made Tye-dye T-Shirts, Paper Plate Ghosts for Halloween, Learned how to use a Compass, Learned how to use a Knife correctly, and learned how to build a fire safetly. I even learned a thing or two. We ate hotdogs for lunch and speg. and meatballs for supper. We sat around a huge campfire once it got dark and sang a million songs. We all smelled like a fireplace afterwards. We got rained on about 3 different times and we all got tired really fast. But we hung in there and had a total blast! I so enjoyed spending time with the girls. Here are some pictures:

Cassie is in front, she was Ms. Fox...was a really fun game. I pointed to Kailey in the back!
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Here is both of them inside a tent helping make the fruit salad:
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Pregnancy Update

Well I dropped 12 Days ago...here is a picture to prove it:

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I can really tell a big difference because I seem to be hungry all the time, even more than before LOL! I guess my stomach was able to expand once baby Kris dropped. I believe I'm weighing about 140 pounds right now. My 36 week check up is Tuesday and I'll know for sure. I'm going to try my best to get my 37 week appointment Nov. 1st and Dr. Jackson said he would Strip my Membranes then.

What is Stripping Membranes?

"Striping membranes refers to the procedure when a doctor inserts his finger into the cervical opening and rotates it 360 degrees, separating the membranes from the lower uterine segment. This action facilitates the release of prostaglandins from the membranes and from the cervix."

I had this done when i was 38 weeks pregnant with CJ and my water broke 2 hours later. So I'm really hoping this works. Wish me luck!!!

School Pictures

I'm going to try to get Cassie's redone. Not to happy with how her hair turned out. The crazy teachers took them out to play before they got their pictures made. I mean its not a bad picture, but when you spend alot of money on these things, you want to be 100% satisfied!

Here are my precious girls:

Cassie - 1st Grade

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Kailey - Kindergarten

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Oct 2, 2006

Quick Update on Life

First off, a new picture of me, this is in me and Chucks bedroom, where the bassinet will be. We decorated the wall above it with little animals, you can see one in the picture and we have a matching lamp with mobile too, also pictured.

Other news:

Kailey is home sick today. She has been throwing up since 3am this morning. So Cassie was 20 minutes late this morning for school. Kailey is sitting on the couch watching Dora the Explorer with a trashcan next to her, just in case!!! She hasn't made it to the bathroom twice already and that has NOT been fun cleaning up on my hands and knees with a big ol' belly in the way. Chuck has gone to the grocery store by himself, since I'm having to stay home with ms. Kailey. I hope she is better by tomorrow so she doesn't miss to much school! Oh and a update on Kailey writing her name...she is getting VERY GOOD at it!!!

Cassie is doing fine. Cassie's school pictures were taken last week and i'm very upset about the whole thing. Some kid hit her between the eyes, right on the top of her nose, during lunch time with his lunch tray. Then they went outside to play. All BEFORE pictures were taken. So she will probably have a lovely red nose and hair all in her face because it fell down while playing outside. I'll never understand some teachers and their plans before picture time.

CJ is doing okay. He is sleeping right now. He is still in his terrible twos EARLY! I hope it doesn't last until he is 3 or 4, I might be grey headed by then! He loves to write on those magnectic boards, which is wonderful for his little hands and great practice, he might be an artist one day!

Well thats all for now...I'll update more another time. Love you all!

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