Nov 28, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Hello World...I'm just sitting here. Finally finished with the Girl Scouts Registrar stuff for tonights leaders meeting, which I can't attend because the boys are sick and its at dern 4pm and there is no way hubby can get off that early to watch i'm hoping our OCC can come by sometime before the meeting and pick up all the paperwork. Speaking of paper, I dont have ANY printer paper, it has been used as coloring paper the past month or so and is now all gone, so I'm hoping to borrow some from the school or something so I can print out the stuff for the meeting or our OCC wont have any paperwork to pick up from me. ARG!!!

My crazy cat ate a Coookie this morning, which she then proceded to puke up. Talk about a nasty noise and mess. CJ was like "ewww" lol. Kristopher has got to stop throwing his food onto the floor off of his highchair. I swear I vaccum 2 times a day and it still isnt enough. *sigh*

I forgot to mention yesterday that hubby got Monday off due to running a fever at work. This cold is no joke. Cassie said she felt like she was getting it this morning. Hubby is over his now and CJ isn't coughing as bad and his nose is finally clearing up. Kristopher hasn't been coughing today but his nose is nasty. I wonder when me and Kailey will get it...probably during the weekend with our luck.

Well yesterday we went to playgroup after school at 2:30pm. We had alot of fun. I must brag on my CJ though...He doesn't like to sit through music time, so we put him in this chair that has a seatbelt type thing on it so he couldn't get out. He would scream and throw a fit and we would continue with singing. He would adventually calm down and watch us sing. Well the past two Tuesdays we have missed Playgroup due to Girl Scouts, but yesterday he was so wonderful!!! He helped clean up, pull out the chairs for music, sat in his own little chair, didn't get up and even shared his little toy. Here are the pictures:
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Just look at him sitting there so calm, we were all amazed and so excited!
Here is 3 of Kristopher, notice how he barely hangs on to things now...
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Here is Cassie:
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She had her own little resturant going on lol
And here is Kailey, She loves the little doll house sitting on the shelf, you cant see it well though:
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And then two more of CJ:
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Well thats all of the good ones, I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Oh and have I mentioned that my little one year old Kristopher is now bottle free?!?!?! We have been fighting back and forth between a sippy cup and a bottle the past few days and yesterday he went all day without a bottle!!! I'm so very proud of him!!!!

Oh and Cassie's loose tooth is getting really loose the past few days, I think she may have #3 come out very soon! She is complaining with it hurting when she eats, so I believe she will probably pull it out soon. lol.

Let me show you guys the cutest picture while I'm on here...

A beautiful little tri girl with a precious HEART thumbprint on her head!!!! Do you see that??? That is just the kewlest thing and its oh so very cute. And if your wondering, thats a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy of course. It was born 11/10/07. So sweet.

Oh before I forget, wanted to say hey to Nikki, thanks for the comment over on my little shout box. I told chuck you said hello last night when I read it. Oh, and your hubby better get you a tree!!! Whats Christmas without a tree to decorate?

Well I better get off of here. I need to do dishes and vaccum. I'll try to post a bit tomorrow. Love you all!

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Mama said...

So sorry your cat got sick. Funny how CJ said "ewwww". I sure hope you and Kailey don't catch that cold! Give everybody vitamins! Playgroup looks like FUN! I wanna go! Sounds like it has been great for CJ! Yay! Kris has outgrown his bottle...he has grown up fast! I miss all of you so much! The pics of the kids were precious and I love the cute puppy with the "heart" spot...too sweet! Love you honey, Mama

Anonymous said...

I could not believe it when I read about you saying "Hello World". I don't know whether I ever told you but that is something I do quite often. All of a sudden I just walk to the door, open it up and just holler "HELLO WORLD!". It's usually a day that I am glad to just be alive and able to look at the wonder that God has made for us outside. How precious you are to me and I love you all so very much. Grannie

Lauren said...

Your kids are adorable! Congrats Kris on the sippy cup! We have been trying to get Gavin to take one for a while. If I am still having problems getting him to take it next month, I may ask you for some advice!

The puppy picture was so beautiful!

Yes, I am the lady from - I just got some new charms in, you should check them out!

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