Nov 20, 2007

Its Tuesday Night & I'm tired!

Just got back from our Brownie Meeting a bit ago and i'm sooo tired! I didnt get any pictures. I had my camera sitting on the table and nobody picked it up. Oh well, I can't do everything. We got two Try-Its done though. Safety and Plants. We had alot of fun.

I got Cassie a doctors appointment for Dec. 13th at 1:30pm. Hopefully we can find out the lab results with her poopie then and turn in her ADD paperwork from school. Cassie is doing homework now. We forgot to do it before the meeting. They are gonna be tired in the morning when its time to get up for school. Guess I'll have to drag them out of bed. haha.

I got an e-mail from my aunt jan yesterday. very kewl. She hasn't replied back yet though. Hopefully she will soon. I miss her and my little cousin Nicole.
Heck I miss everyone back home. *sigh*

OH i'm a huge fan of The Young And The Restless and for anybody that watches it, I'm sooooo worried about Victoria and her baby. lol. They better not end up saying the baby is going to die or something, thats gonna make me MAD if they do.

Well I better go...gotta get ready for bed and get the girls in bed too. Byes!

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Mama said...

Kristy, I love what you've done with your is so cute! Hope you and the girls got some rest last night. So glad you got Cassie an appt finally! YIPPEEE! So glad you get Y&R on tv now. We love it too! Was so glad to hear that Victoria had a healthy baby boy (in real life, lol)! Tell me more about this CKCS puppy...what kind is that? Love your comic! Wish I could smear lipstick on my babies..:( Love, Mama

Mama said...

OOHHHH! I love the new banner! You thinking about Chuck while he's at work, You with your laptop working away, Cassie being a ballerina, Kailey with her microphone singing, CJ playing with his car and Kris with his sippy cup! It is adorable! You guys did such a great job! So talented!

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