Jan 31, 2008

Lilly the Puppy

We are babysitting a Jack Russell puppy for 2 weeks. My friend Jennifer is going back to the states to visit with her in laws. So I volunteered to watch one of her adorable puppies. Here is me and Lilly:

CJ absolutely loves the puppy. He even is saying "PUPPY" now. He didn't want to take his nap a few minutes ago because, well he kept saying "puppy" so I knew that meant he wasn't done playing. He has played with Lilly for about 2 hours already. They both need a nap. lol Kristopher isn't to sure of Lilly yet. He laughs and crawls away

I need to do some housework. But ya know, I've got this cute little puppy laying on my lap already passed out. What to do, what to do? Maybe I should take a nap too? Before I nap. I have to mention Cassie. She was a little cranky this morning, but I told her "Come on, lets get it done and over with". So she laid down and I had to talk her into opening her mouth for me. But I pushed it down real quick and it was gone. She was fine again in a few seconds. Thank goodness!

P.S. Wanted to answer Peaches Questions that she left in my comments real quick. Hubby will be going to Ft. Lenoard Wood, MO for school. Not sure yet where we will be stationed, but are praying hard for Ft. Bragg, NC.

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Jan 29, 2008

GOOD Morning!!!!

I took my moms advice this morning. Thanks Mom! I fixed a cup of water. Went into the girls room. Woke Cassie up and told her to drink some water. Then she laid back down. I said "Open your mouth" Then I pushed the pill down her throat. Her eyes got real big and said "Its Gone!" lol She drank a bit more water and it was done and over with in less than a MINUTE! Thank GOD! Guess this is what I'll be doing every morning for the next year. Hey, if it works, it works. lol


Hubby finally passed his PT test!!!!! I could do the happy dance! He has already been approved for CID school. They are just waiting to review his packet now. Sooo If we are lucky, he might get the APRIL school!!! Which means....drum roll....We will get to come home in MARCH!!!! WooHoo! Thats like LESS than 60 DAYS!

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Day 3 - Cassie and her pills...

Well we are getting no where. Thank you for all the advice everyone left me. I can't dissolve or cut the pill or mess with it in any way. Its a time releasing pill so she has to take it whole. We haven't practiced with TicTacs but we DID practice with little tiny peices of bread rolled up in the same shape of a pill about the same size or smaller of the pill she is taking. She won't swallow that either. I totally forgot to try Abby's idea this morning. But will be trying it tomorrow morning for sure. This morning I was getting so frustrated. We tried shoving it in her poptart. I spoon fed her applesauce with it in that. She drank water out of a straw. We tried ice cream again. So after 20 minutes and ready to scream! I called hubby to come help. I walked outside into the hallway with Kailey as she waited for her friends to come pick her up and walk her to school. I don't know what hubby did, but it didn't work. I came back in after Kailey left for school and she still had it in her mouth. He went to take a shower. So I grabbed the pill, shoved it down her throat and it was gone. She gagged for a second but at least it was over with. After 40 minutes of trying to take a pill we were all tired and frustrated. About 9pm I told her to go on to school. She was a good hour late, but I wanted her to calm down first. You put the pill in front of her and she starts to cry and shake. Its awful!

Aaron Ray

Here are some pictures of my cute little cousin Aaron Ray:

Already a TarHeel Fan!

My Mama and little Aaron:

My Grannie, Aaron, and my Mama:

Aaron and Grannie:

Jan 27, 2008

Being a MOM is NO fun sometimes

I was so excited when they finally gave Cassie some medicine for ADD. Little did I know what the future held for us.

How do you get a 7 year old to swallow a pill???

It's not simple let me tell ya! She probably is going to pee a ton today as much water as she drank this morning. She is probably an emotional wreck, like I am, from getting so upset this morning. I mean she cried, bedgged, pleaded with me "Mama, I'll be good at school, please, I can't do it!" I mean make me feel terrible why don't you!

We tried Ice Cream this morning. I burried it in some ice cream and spoon fed the child numours times. Didn't work. Sorry Papa! I called the nurse at school and asked her if she had any bright ideas. She said use Jelly. Is Jelly that much different than Ice cream? Ugh we will give it a shot I guess. The lady at the clinic said to try applesauce. All these bright ideas, I pray one works. Wish us luck!

Jan 25, 2008

It's Friday Finally!

The weekend is almost here! Cassie just went off with my friend Carrie and her daughter Claudia to a birthday party. She won't be back for another 3 hours or so. I hope she has a ton of fun. We had to tell poor Kailey that she was going to the doctors office so that she wouldn't feel left out.

Kailey lost her 3rd tooth today! She was eating chicken nuggets and apple slices for lunch and it came out. She was so excited! All these teeth falling out is going to make us broke. haha.

Tomorrow I'm going with our Cookie Dad to pick up our Troops Girl Scout Cookies. Then Sunday is our Cookie Kick Off! I'm not sure when we are going to start selling cookies just yet because Block Leave is coming up. Anyways, its almost Cookie Time!

Well I gotta run. Got some house work to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and upcoming weekend!

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Jan 23, 2008

Tonights Brownie Meeting

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Appointment Update

Cassie was given 18 mg of Concerta. She starts taking them this Saturday. I called this morning to make her an appointment for 2 weeks from now but of course they said, please call back tomorrow after 11am. Ugh seriously, how hard can it be to make an appointment! Anyways, I have to watch her sleeping and eating patterns once she starts the medicine to see if there are any changes. I guess I'll update Saturday evening on how our first day goes.

Tonight is our Brownie Meeting. We picked China for our Thinking Day project. So we are making chinese lanterns, fan swap pins, playing chinese jumprope, and making chinese ribbons for our chinese ribbon dance, that we will be preforming on Thinking Day. What fun!

Chuck found out some very interesting news yesterday. If we are really really lucky, he may be getting into the May school, which means we will be coming home in APRIL!!! Kinda sucks though, we will miss our 4th wedding anniversary and each others birthdays. We won't really find out anything for sure until March though, so don't get your hopes up to high. Just pray, really hard.

Jan 22, 2008

Cassie's Appointment

Cassie's ADD appointment is at 3:10pm. I'll be leaving here in about 15 - 20 mins. When I get back in about 2 hours I'll hopefully have an update on what the doctor said. Wish us luck!

Jan 21, 2008

Monday Morning

Monday Monday! It's Monday! The boys are taking their nap. Hubby has yet to wake get up. The girls are watching cartoons. I'm waiting for 1pm to get here so I can watch My Soaps, The Young and The Restless. Today was suppose to be cleaning day. But so far, no cleaning has taken place. Yesterday I did most the cleaning, just need to do some laundry now I guess. We got a new channel. Its Playhouse Disney. Yay, another cartoon channel. How wonderful...
Is it July yet? I wanna go home!

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Jan 20, 2008

life is so precious

This morning I woke up and checked a friends blog. About a week or so ago I posted a prayer request post about a few people. One little boy by the name of Julian, he had cancer. Well he finally went to heaven with the good Lord where he will no longer hurt and can run and play. Please keep his family in your prayers. I can't imagine loosing a 4 year old to cancer.

Oh a happier note, I'm a big cousin! Is there such a thing? lol My 1st cousin Angie had a baby boy this morning! He is so precious. I've only seen one picture so far. Here he is:
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His name is Aaron. Isn't he handsome? I can't wait to see him in person and hug'em and kiss'em. I'll see you in a few months little man!

Well sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Nothing really going on to post about I guess. We went to the Powerzone yesterday and got a new webcam. We got to try it out last night for the first time talking with my mom while we were all playing THE GAME OF LIFE in here in the livingroom. Today we went to the grocery store and spent almost $300 bucks on groceries! OMG we eat way to much! LOL! Well no school tomorrow and Hubby is off! WOOHOO! Cassie has her doctors appointment Tuesday. I have someone to watch the boys and I have a ride to the clinic. Ahh life is good, for now.

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Jan 17, 2008


I'm just sitting here. The movie Pixar Cars is on the TV. The boys are not really watching it though. Weird huh? Well I'm watching Jennifer's son Shawn while she has the girls at the God & Me meeting. So far they are playing really well. Haven't been fighting over the cars or anything.

Tonight at 5:30pm I have a leaders meeting. So hubby is getting off early to come home and watch the kids. They better let him off or I'm gonna cry. lol. Its nice to go to a leaders meeting to get out of the house for awhile, ya know?

So anyways, nothing else really going on I guess. I did find a ride though so that we can take Cassie to her ADD appointment. My good friend A is going to watch the boys for me. Kailey will be going with my co-leader Jennifer to the God & Me meeting. So I should be able to focus on Cassie and the doctor.

Well guess I better get off of here. The boys have moved to the playroom and its a mess in there. I should hang a sign on the door that says "enter at your own risk" lol

Jan 16, 2008

Tamagotchi Update

Well as promised here is my Tamagotchi update. The matchmaker came to see my boy Zowie. And asked if I wanted to fall in love. I said "yes" of course.

What a beautiful bride the Matchmaker brought Zowie, don't you think?

Aww it was LOVE at first sight!

Oh its Fireworks! I wonder what they are doing? LOL!

Aww lookie, they were doing something, cause now Zowie has a BABY GIRL!!!

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