Nov 19, 2007

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Well i'm just sitting here watching CSI with hubby. We had chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes for supper. Oh and some toast. It was pretty good. Yummy. lol.

I watched my friend Amelia's two youngest ones today so she could move into her new apartment. We had alot of fun. I didn't get much cleaning done though, but thats okay.

They finally came and fixed our lights. Our kitchen light has been out for almost a week, along with both bathrooms. So the girls missed school today because I forgot to give them a bath last night and then it was so dern dark in there this morning I couldnt give them a bath then either. Arg! But they will be getting baths tonight for sure!

Cassie went to a birthday party this weekend. It was Saturday at Kid's Zone. She said she had alot of fun. We didn't stay so I didn't get any pictures. We went over to the local PX and got a few christmas presents for the kids and finally got Kristopher is first pair of shoes.

Tomorrow night is our Brownie meeting, so I probably won't post anything tomorrow. But i'll try to put some pictures up Wednesday.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, so I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Don't eat to much you guys. lol.
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Mama said...

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet girl! We will all miss you here while we are all together, but you are always in our thoughts and prayers! Kiss my babies for me!

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