Sep 6, 2009

Happy Sunday Everyone!

What a busy weekend so far. It’s been fun! We had Adrian's 1st Birthday party Saturday. What a blast that was. So many people and some really good cake! Can’t wait to see all the pictures everyone took. Hurry up everyone and upload them to the internet already! Today we went to church. Ahh so refreshing. Afterwards we went to Papa Johnny’s house, ate hotdogs and burgers, hung out, let the kids play, and I tried to chat it up with the adults. Since you know I don’t get much adult conversation. Tomorrow I plan on letting the kids go outside and enjoy the weather and play in the pool. Soak them up with some sunscreen and let them just have at it. Maybe they will sleep good afterwards. One can always hope. Well off I go. Got homework to do and such. Nite all.

Sep 4, 2009

Thankful for Yahoo Messenger

I am so thankful for Yahoo Messenger. It allows me to chat with my husband daily who is currently stationed in Iraq. It allows me to see his face and see his smile at least once or twice a week. Recently it has allowed me to hear his voice. Thank you Yahoo Messenger. You have made this deployment a little bit easier.

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