Jun 20, 2006

My Babies are gone

Monday, June 19th, the girls left around 1:15pm. I didn't cry, even though I really wanted to. Sometimes moms have to be strong for their little ones, so they will know and feel like everything will be okay. I did cry this morning though, folding their little pants and shirts as I pulled them out of the dryer. I don't know really what else to type about. I'm stressed out and tired. Chuck is working tonight and the next 3 nights, so it will be just me and CJ the next few days. He will be spoiled getting all of mama's attention, but I know he will be missing his 2 big sisters. I bought Cassie a Happy Birthday card today. Im going to mail it out tomorrow. Hopefully it will get there by July 2nd. If not, I'll be calling to find her anyways. Well I'm going to go. I put together a little collage of the kids. Its my new background on the computer. I also put it on the bottom of this blog for all of you to see. I'll be on in a few days to post more. Byes!

Jun 18, 2006

Nascar Night

Daddy and CJ watching Nascar!

Cassie & Kailey on the balcony!

CJ sticking his tongue out at me! LOL

So into Nascar he wont even pay me any attention!

Ok now I got him to smile!

Aww such a sweet baby!!!

6/17 Cassie & Kailey's Going Away Party

Here is the cake I made Cassie & Kailey!

Cassie, Maisie, Teia, Terra, & Kailey!

Kailey bowling!

Tarra is playing with the bracelets we made everyone & Teia is putting some of Kailey's stickers on.

Kailey & Cassie bowling!

Kailey & Cassie bowling one last time before we leave!

CJ says "Hey you...watch this!!!"


Jun 11, 2006

Bathtime - June 11th

Bathtime at the Payne's House LOL!

Kailey, Cassie, and CJ!
Poor Cassie went to a birthday party today that was outside and her little shoulders got burnt. And crazy CJ has his paci in upside down LOL!

All 3 of them again!

And Last but not least my little CJ!

Jun 8, 2006

Kailey's Sure Start Graduation!

Kailey had her Sure Start Graduation today!
Here are some pictures!!!

Kailey is waiting for her name to be called!

She walks up to get her flower and certificate!

Her standing with her two teachers!

My proud Kailey!

Kailey waiting for it to hurry up and be over with!

Now she is going back to her classroom for refreshments!

What a cute and YUMMY cake!

Mommy can't stop taking pictures! LOL!

Ms. Pam and Ms. Lulu cutting the cake for everyone!

And last but not least my little CJ with his shy smile he is hiding under that paci of his....and don't forget my ill and sleep deprived MP of a husband! Don't you just love his face! LOL!

Chuck's 24 Birthday - May 27th

May 27th was Chuck's 24th Birthday! So Cassie, Kailey, and me made him a cake! It was soooo yummy!!!

^^Daddy making a crazy face!

^^Kailey and Cassie making a crazy face!

Umm I think Daddy is suppose to be making the wish, not Kailey! LOL!

Not sure who blew out the candle, I just know it wasn't daddy! HAHA!

Cassie's Brownie Bridging Ceremony

Cassie is going from being a Daisy Girl Scout to a Brownie next year. Here is the Ceremony!

^^Cassie crossing the bridge!

^^Cassie doing the Girl Scout Handshake!

^^Ms. Jennifer is pinning on Cassie Bridging Patch we can add to her Brownie vest!

^^Cassie looking at her certificates she recieved! I'm so proud of her!!!

Kailey's Parents Program Pictures

Kailey's Sure Start class invited all the Parents to come to their class room for a special program. They sang two different songs for us and then we had ice cream afterwards.

^^^CJ's first taste of ice cream!!!

Jun 5, 2006

It's been awhile

We finally have the computer hooked up at the new apartment. We still are not finished moving. Almost done tho. We should be finished by June 12th I would think. Alot has happened since I've posted. Girl Scouts is over. I started to feel the baby move. Kailey's class preformed the cuttest little songs for parents and we had ice cream after. I've got a bunch of pictures to add. I hope to do that very soon. Cassie and Kailey are leaving for the summer June 19th. Gonna be a very sad day. But we are having them a going away party on the Saturday before. We are gonna take them to the bowling alie and I'm baking a cake. Beth is bringing her kids and Jenifer is bring Masie. So it should be alot of fun. I promise to take pictures. Well I better go. I need to unpack a few things, clean a little, and then me and CJ are going to play till its time to get the girls from school. Love you all!

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