Sep 27, 2006

32 Week OBGYN Appointment

I still weight 135 pounds. Didn't gain anything the past month. So i've gained 25 pounds in all, which is good. He didnt seem worried.
I'm measuring 34 weeks, instead of 32 weeks.
Heartbeat sounded wonderful like always!

We talked about getting my tubes tied. They will be putting me to sleep because I dont want no needle in my back. But the only way I can get my tubes tied the morning after having the baby, is if they are not busy. If they are busy, I'll have to make an appointment and come back.

My 36 week appointment is October 24th at 9:15am.
Then after that I'll start going every two weeks.
So at my 38 Week appointment, which I'm shooting for Nov. 8th, he will try to put me into labor!

Sep 23, 2006

Went Shopping for Baby Kris!

Bathtub, Boppy Pillow, and Diapers!

Winnie the Pooh hooded Blanket, two washclothes, Brush, Comb, Bath Puppet, and shoes!

Five Very cute outfits!

Matching Blanket, two outfits, bib, and hat!

Chuck picked out this cute little outfit with matching hat!

HIS HOMECOMING OUTFIT!!! The girls picked it out!

His Bassinet!

Oh and this is stuff I won on a website for winning a contest!
A hooded towel, a blanket, and wrist rattles!

Then this is his side of the room!

Sep 22, 2006

9 Great Pics of Kailey's B-Day

Here is Kailey and Cassie that morning, ready to go to school!

Ahh there is CJ, coming to get into the picture!

Opps there he goes! He can never be still for to long!

Kailey and her cute little crown they made her at school to wear for the day!

Kailey and her Birthday Cake!

Her blowing out the candles!

Kailey eating her Ice Cream cake!

Cassie eating some cake!

And Little CJ eating his peice of Cake! YUMMY!

Sep 15, 2006

Cassie my Girl Scout Brownie

Tonight is her first meeting and we got her Vest today just in time!!!

Here she is before Daddy took her to her meeting a few minutes ago

Halloween Costumes

We got the kids halloween costumes in the mail today, so i took pictures like i promised.

Here is Cassie the Princess

Here is Kailey the Fairy

Here is CJ the Cuddly Cub

Then all 3 of them

And another of all my babies!

Sep 13, 2006

Hair Cut - After Pictures

Here is the back...

And here is the front!

Its really short thats for sure!!! But very worth it!

Sep 11, 2006

30 Weeks Pregnant - Pictures


Kristy's " Locks of Love "

I'm going Wednesday sometime before Lunch to get my hair cut. First I'm heading over to Shelly's apartment so she can braid the back for me. After they cut it I'm going to mail it to " Locks of Love ". Chuck isn't to happy about me cutting my hair. But with a new baby coming, and we all know how they love to pull hair, I need to get it cut. And instead of just tossing it in the trash, I figured I would donate it. Some little girl will be very excited, i'm sure, who is fighting for her life against cancer. They need 10 inches of hair or more and mine is already from my shoulders down passed 12 inches. So I should be able to save some of my length. So anyways, just wanted to post a before picture. I'll post an after picture Wednesday.

Sep 8, 2006

Busy Day today!!!

Today was Open House at school. Kailey got to show me where she sat in her Kindergarten class. Also of course she showed me where all the books were. Then she got to bring home some papers she has been working on. She enjoyed showing me around.
Cassie got to show me around her classroom as well. They have a million books in there. haha. Then her teacher sent home a HUGE math book for her to work on through out the year. I was very impressed with Cassie's classroom.

Afterwards at 4pm was Cassie's Girl Scout Brownie Parent Meeting. They will have meetings every Friday from 4:00 - 5:30pm. They are asking for $85.00 from each child for the year. I was like GEEZ!!! We just spent over probably $200 on school clothes and a million school supplies. Then school pictures are coming up at the end of this month. So yea, we will be broke this month. haha. TAKING DONATIONS ANYONE!!! LOL!!!

Tomorrow is the Girl Scout Sundae Party from 4:00 - 5:00pm for Cassie. We are to drop her off for the hour, no parents allowed. So when we go back to pick her up, they are doing Registrations for Daisy's for Kailey. I hope they don't want that much money for her too. Registration is $10 in itself.
We still have to buy both of them their Vest for their patches too!!!

Good thing we are finished with Christmas Shopping already for the kids. Maybe after all this we can start saving money again!!! Well its already almost 10pm so I better get to bed. Have a GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!

Sep 4, 2006

We Ordered The Kids Halloween Costumes

The PX here never has anything cute and what they do have is always over $20.00 and thats way to much to spend on something they will only wear for an hour one night of the year.

So we went online and ordered the kids their Halloween Costumes for this year. Each Costume was under $15.00. Still not cheap, but at least we saved some.

Sooo anyways,
Here is Cassie's costume (Sleeping Beauty):

Kailey's Costume (Sorceress Fairy):

CJ's Costume (Cuddly Cub):

The girls picked out their own costumes. I picked out CJ's.

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