Nov 24, 2007

Christmas Tree Pictures

Well I promised to post Christmas Tree pictures so here they are.
First Chuck puts on the lights, while CJ
tells him what colors they are:

Next is the Angel (my fav part) along with the tree skirt:

Then the kids in front of it before we start adding ornaments:

Cassie adding her touch to the tree:

CJ pointing out to Kailey that there are tons of
ornaments on the tree that he would just love
to pull down and play with:

And whats a tree without CandyCanes:

Okay I think I was nuts to actually think I'd get a good picture
of me and the kids in front of the tree:

Kristopher checking out the tree, I wonder
how long till he pulls it down? :

Well there ya go, A fun day at the Payne house, putting up our Christmas Tree!
Christmas is almost here you guys!!!!

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Rick said...

Thanks for visiting the blog. I'm not sure that Gail even knows that I put the egg-man in. I generally don't discuss it with the customer. They don't ask, I don't tell.

I hope that you will be able to order one - don't remember if you have already asked, but I think you will find that I am surprising cheap.

I love the photos of the family decorating the tree together. Those were they days. Now, with two off on their own and one in highschool it's less of a family time together.

Maybe when there are grandkids in the picture... But I can wait for that.

L.K. Campbell said...

Oh, how beautiful. I haven't put ours up yet. I'll probably do that next weekend.

Mama said...

Kristy, I love these beautiful pictures...the kids look like they are loving that tree! Makes us feel like we were there with you too. Thanks for sharing that time with us. Christmas is right around the corner now. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Kiss all my babies for me and tell them that Nana loves them and misses them very much!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I love the pic of the baby doing the 2 year old just started doing that - it's like trying to hold an greased piglet!

Hayley xxx said...

Oh as usual your tree is beautiful!! The kids are adorable and getting SOO BIG,Lee has told me again that I have to wait til next week for my tree *sigh* LOL never mind it will be up do or die on the 1st!!
Take Care Lots of Love

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