Sep 13, 2006

Hair Cut - After Pictures

Here is the back...

And here is the front!

Its really short thats for sure!!! But very worth it!


MAMA said...

Hey Pretty Girl! Your hair looks adorable! I love the pictures! Somebody somewhere will certainly benefit from your generous contribution! God will truly bless you honey. I'm so proud of you!
All my love, Mama

Lucinda said...

Quite cute!
I know it'll be a lot easier to manage. With all those kids to take care of, you need a hairstyle that you can wash and go.

hayley (f4l) said...

i love the hair thing is though now you have to force yourself to do it every day instead of being able to tie it back lol but its wonderful to know your new look has created a new look for someone else well done you you are an inspiration to all xxx

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