Sep 8, 2006

Busy Day today!!!

Today was Open House at school. Kailey got to show me where she sat in her Kindergarten class. Also of course she showed me where all the books were. Then she got to bring home some papers she has been working on. She enjoyed showing me around.
Cassie got to show me around her classroom as well. They have a million books in there. haha. Then her teacher sent home a HUGE math book for her to work on through out the year. I was very impressed with Cassie's classroom.

Afterwards at 4pm was Cassie's Girl Scout Brownie Parent Meeting. They will have meetings every Friday from 4:00 - 5:30pm. They are asking for $85.00 from each child for the year. I was like GEEZ!!! We just spent over probably $200 on school clothes and a million school supplies. Then school pictures are coming up at the end of this month. So yea, we will be broke this month. haha. TAKING DONATIONS ANYONE!!! LOL!!!

Tomorrow is the Girl Scout Sundae Party from 4:00 - 5:00pm for Cassie. We are to drop her off for the hour, no parents allowed. So when we go back to pick her up, they are doing Registrations for Daisy's for Kailey. I hope they don't want that much money for her too. Registration is $10 in itself.
We still have to buy both of them their Vest for their patches too!!!

Good thing we are finished with Christmas Shopping already for the kids. Maybe after all this we can start saving money again!!! Well its already almost 10pm so I better get to bed. Have a GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!

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hayley (f4l) said...

sounds like cassie is doing just great with school thats good this time of year is so tough on the purse i know myself this year i was so shocked at the price of 5 uniforms instead of 4 lol but hey never mind theres other times to save

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