Sep 22, 2006

9 Great Pics of Kailey's B-Day

Here is Kailey and Cassie that morning, ready to go to school!

Ahh there is CJ, coming to get into the picture!

Opps there he goes! He can never be still for to long!

Kailey and her cute little crown they made her at school to wear for the day!

Kailey and her Birthday Cake!

Her blowing out the candles!

Kailey eating her Ice Cream cake!

Cassie eating some cake!

And Little CJ eating his peice of Cake! YUMMY!


Mama said...

I'm so glad Kailey had a great Birthday! She's the big 5 now! She is such a sweet and beautiful little girl...the apple of my eye! Please give her a kiss and a hug from me. I love her so much! Can't wait to get my hands on those babies again. Love you much. Take care of yourself! Love, Mama

Mama said...

Those pictures of all three babies are wonderful. They all look so happy! Treasure these moments honey..they go by so fast! I can't wait to show these to Papa and Shannon! Tell Cassie, Kailey and CJ that we love them! Love, Mama

Lucinda said...

From Uncle Bryan & Aunt Lucinda

Angie said...

I can't believe Kailey is 5!! Wow time does fly. I agree with you Aunt Denise, Kristy you need to treasure those moments, they grow up so fast. Tell Kailey cuz Angie said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love and miss you all!

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