Sep 15, 2006

Halloween Costumes

We got the kids halloween costumes in the mail today, so i took pictures like i promised.

Here is Cassie the Princess

Here is Kailey the Fairy

Here is CJ the Cuddly Cub

Then all 3 of them

And another of all my babies!


Mama said...

Can kids look any cuter? I think not! Kristy, these are the sweetest pics ever! Tell them Nana said she loves them very much! And that they look BEAUTIFUL! Love, Mama

Mama said...

Gosh, all three look like beautiful BABYDOLLS! They take my breath away! Please give them a kiss and a hug from me! I miss you all so much! Tell them Nana loves them very, very much!

hayley (f4l) said...

omg they are adorable good job its gonna be halloween soon little CJ looks like hes not gonna be in that suit very long they are lovely trick or treaters

Angie said...

I just love ALL of the lil halloween costumes. They look so cute.

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