Sep 27, 2006

32 Week OBGYN Appointment

I still weight 135 pounds. Didn't gain anything the past month. So i've gained 25 pounds in all, which is good. He didnt seem worried.
I'm measuring 34 weeks, instead of 32 weeks.
Heartbeat sounded wonderful like always!

We talked about getting my tubes tied. They will be putting me to sleep because I dont want no needle in my back. But the only way I can get my tubes tied the morning after having the baby, is if they are not busy. If they are busy, I'll have to make an appointment and come back.

My 36 week appointment is October 24th at 9:15am.
Then after that I'll start going every two weeks.
So at my 38 Week appointment, which I'm shooting for Nov. 8th, he will try to put me into labor!

1 comment:

Mama said...

YOU GO GIRL! Sounds like everything is going great! You hang in won't be long now! Always remember to drink lots of fluids too! Remember how important that is for you! Love you,

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