Sep 11, 2006

Kristy's " Locks of Love "

I'm going Wednesday sometime before Lunch to get my hair cut. First I'm heading over to Shelly's apartment so she can braid the back for me. After they cut it I'm going to mail it to " Locks of Love ". Chuck isn't to happy about me cutting my hair. But with a new baby coming, and we all know how they love to pull hair, I need to get it cut. And instead of just tossing it in the trash, I figured I would donate it. Some little girl will be very excited, i'm sure, who is fighting for her life against cancer. They need 10 inches of hair or more and mine is already from my shoulders down passed 12 inches. So I should be able to save some of my length. So anyways, just wanted to post a before picture. I'll post an after picture Wednesday.

1 comment:

Mama said...

Honey, I think donating your hair is a beautiful thing for you to do. I'm sorry Chuck isn't happy about it...I'm sure it will grow back pretty fast. You are such a thoughtful and giving person. I'm so proud of you! All my love, Mama

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