Jan 27, 2008

Being a MOM is NO fun sometimes

I was so excited when they finally gave Cassie some medicine for ADD. Little did I know what the future held for us.

How do you get a 7 year old to swallow a pill???

It's not simple let me tell ya! She probably is going to pee a ton today as much water as she drank this morning. She is probably an emotional wreck, like I am, from getting so upset this morning. I mean she cried, bedgged, pleaded with me "Mama, I'll be good at school, please, I can't do it!" I mean make me feel terrible why don't you!

We tried Ice Cream this morning. I burried it in some ice cream and spoon fed the child numours times. Didn't work. Sorry Papa! I called the nurse at school and asked her if she had any bright ideas. She said use Jelly. Is Jelly that much different than Ice cream? Ugh we will give it a shot I guess. The lady at the clinic said to try applesauce. All these bright ideas, I pray one works. Wish us luck!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i asked my son how we got him to learn to swallow a pill, seems to him like he told someone at day care that he could not swallow the pill so they disolved it and put it on his tongue, HE says " it was so NASTY he learned in a hurry to put the pill all the way back on his tongue then applesauce or water or what ever chugged and it went on down." Cory has ADHD and delt with ritalin for many years and it totally made a difference in him. Good luck it is hard but she will learn and you are NOT a bad mom. Hang in there. HUGS Laura

Susan said...

Have you tried having her practice with tic tacs? Just a thought

Abby said...

Hi, I saw your comment on Dawn's blog and figured I might as well come here to reply to you about it. =)

I also have ADD and struggled to take pills when I was younger, so I developed my own technique for taking pills that I still use to keep from gagging on them. Try having her put the water into her mouth first, drop the pill in, then tipping her head forward (chin to chest) and swallowing the water as quickly as possible. If there's enough water, it should go down without her even feeling it really.

(Tipping the head forward helps because the Concerta capsules float in the water, so the pill is right near the back of her throat when she swallows but it won't be sitting on her tongue to trigger the gag reflex.) If she has to take any other pills that aren't plastic-coated, then she can tip her head backwards to use gravity the same way.

And ditto on the tic tac idea, but might not be as helpful because those sink & the Concerta will float. FYI, I'm no longer on Concerta because I had the so-called "rare" side effect of throwing up multiple times a day for many months until I finally figured it out on my own (after thousands of dollars in medical tests, yay!).

Good luck with everything! =) Let me know if this method helps any.

~Abby in MA

Mama said...

Sounds like you got some really good ideas from others to try. Sure hope one of them works for Cassie. Just hang in there honey.
With much love,

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