Jan 21, 2008

Monday Morning

Monday Monday! It's Monday! The boys are taking their nap. Hubby has yet to wake get up. The girls are watching cartoons. I'm waiting for 1pm to get here so I can watch My Soaps, The Young and The Restless. Today was suppose to be cleaning day. But so far, no cleaning has taken place. Yesterday I did most the cleaning, just need to do some laundry now I guess. We got a new channel. Its Playhouse Disney. Yay, another cartoon channel. How wonderful...
Is it July yet? I wanna go home!

Today's Comic:


Jamie said...

That is a miracle that you got a new channel! Now I wished I was still there! Sike. We do miss you guys though!


Mama said...

I'm just so glad that you finally can watch The Young & The Restless again! I'm hooked on it lately, lol. Also great news about the Disney channel for the kids. I'm sure it helps to have something new to watch (for the kids).

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