Jan 20, 2008

life is so precious

This morning I woke up and checked a friends blog. About a week or so ago I posted a prayer request post about a few people. One little boy by the name of Julian, he had cancer. Well he finally went to heaven with the good Lord where he will no longer hurt and can run and play. Please keep his family in your prayers. I can't imagine loosing a 4 year old to cancer.

Oh a happier note, I'm a big cousin! Is there such a thing? lol My 1st cousin Angie had a baby boy this morning! He is so precious. I've only seen one picture so far. Here he is:
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His name is Aaron. Isn't he handsome? I can't wait to see him in person and hug'em and kiss'em. I'll see you in a few months little man!

Well sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Nothing really going on to post about I guess. We went to the Powerzone yesterday and got a new webcam. We got to try it out last night for the first time talking with my mom while we were all playing THE GAME OF LIFE in here in the livingroom. Today we went to the grocery store and spent almost $300 bucks on groceries! OMG we eat way to much! LOL! Well no school tomorrow and Hubby is off! WOOHOO! Cassie has her doctors appointment Tuesday. I have someone to watch the boys and I have a ride to the clinic. Ahh life is good, for now.

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Mama said...

So sad about the little boy with cancer.
Great news about Angie and Albert's new little man! So glad she's not hurting anymore! He was born on the 20th! Great birthday! (mine and yours and Mike's, lol). Was great watching ya'll on the webcam yesterday! Have a great holiday with hubby and the kids! Love you bunches,

Jamie said...

Isnt it amazing how losing one life brings us another!

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