Jul 6, 2006

My Next OBGYN Appointment

I called yesterday and made my next appointment. It is a Monday, July 24th at 3:00pm. I will be 23 weeks pregnant then. After my appointment I'll update everyone on how me and baby are doing.

But so far we are doing fine. No weird cravings for me. I was craving Taco Bell but it has passed. At 5 weeks pregnant I weighed 113 pounds and now at 20 weeks I weigh 120 pounds, So i've gained about 7 pounds so far. I might be a little behind on weight gain, but thats pretty normal for me.

The baby moves alot during the day and night. With some pretty good kicks once in awhile. Well not much more to update on. I still feel like the baby is a girl. I guess we will find out sometime if I can ever get an ultrasound appointment.

Well I'm off to bed early tonight. I've got a bad headache and being pregnant makes me sooooooo tired. Nite all and I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend!

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