Jul 24, 2006

News around here...

...Well it isnt much. I've been invited to go with Shelly, Beth, and their families to the pool Wednesday after lunch. Chuck won't get to go because he will be sleeping. But I'm sure CJ will enjoy getting out of the house and playing in the water.

I talked to the girls today. Cassie has learned a new game. The "COPYCAT" game. It was so funny, everything I would say, she would have to repeat. So of course the conversation took forever to get anything out of her, other than repeating what I was saying. haha! She said they were making Lemonade. Kailey was playing with Barbies. Cassie also told me that Kailey has been crying after me, which broke my heart in half. She was right, as soon as Kailey got on the phone, she asked me to come pick her up. Poor thing doesn't understand. I wish I could go pick her up and bring her home and cover her with hugs and kisses! She seemed to be having fun, just missing her Mama. Well their time is almost up there and she will be home with her family soon enough. I can't hardly wait!

Chuck is sleeping now. Poor thing has had hardly any sleep all day since he had to take me to my appointment. I've got to go wake him up soon. Tomorrow i'm sure he will be awfully tired and hopefully will be able to get some sleep.

Well thats the update for now. I hope everyone thats come by here and reads has a good week and upcoming weekend. We are going to a birthday party Saturday, so at least we have some kind of plans. Love you all! Byes!

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Mama said...

It breaks my heart too. It would seem that they would understand those girls need to see us too. I would immediately get you on the phone or webcam so Kailey could see you and talk to you often. That is a form of child abuse in my opinion. I don't think they even care about how the girls feel. All we can do is pray for them. God is good all the time honey. Love you.

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