Jul 24, 2006

24 Week OBGYN Appointment

Today was my 24 week OBGYN Appointment. I'm actually only 23 weeks though. My weight is at 126 pounds now. The babies heartbeat was at 140 beats per minute. My fundal height is correct with 23 weeks. Everything is looking really good so far.
I have to go to the Clinic as soon as I can to have the lovely sugar test. I hate drinking that nasty stuff. My next appointment is August 23rd @ 3:30pm. I'm going to go Friday to sceduale my ultrasound appointment. I hope I get an appointment thats really soon, I'm tired of waiting! Well thats all for now!

1 comment:

Mama said...

I'm so glad you were able to be seen finally! So glad all is well! You hang in there and take good care of yourself! Love you!

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