Jul 3, 2006

20 Weeks Pregnant

Only 140 Days to Go!

I noticed on my little ticker at the top of my blog it says about the baby for week 20
"I'm 10.5 inches tall from head to heel & I wiggle lots & wake mommy up at night!"

And man oh man is that true!!! HAHA! The other morning I was trying to take a nap before lunch time and the baby would not stop kicking me. So I asked Chuck to put his hand on my belly, because we all know, as soon as somebody puts their hand on your belly to feel the baby move, it seems to instantly stop! HAHA! But this little bugger is just hard headed like me and its daddy! It started kicking like crazy and Chuck thought it was funny and was poking back. They played like that for a good 20 minutes. I guess they wore each other out because they both fell asleep soon after.

About my OBGYN Appointment that was supposed to be June 30th. Well the appointment lady screwed it up and the appointment didn't even exsist. Long story short, I've got to call first thing Wednesday morning and make ANOTHER one. UGH! Hopefully it will be soon so we can hurry up and get an ultrasound appointment made, I can't hardly wait to find out this little bundle of joys gender!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to find out what your having either, that way I can send my new lil cousin a gift. Keep us updated on what they say wednesday.

Anonymous said...

hey thats a great tour of your apt lol looks nice and spacious its good you got to talk to the girls and that they are fine,, 2nd july is also my mil birthday must be the date for good uns eh lol i am so happy that your pregnancy is progressing well take care i love to visit your blog

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