Mar 3, 2006

Snow Snow and More Snow

Well yesterday school was closed for the first time in 5 years due to snow and road conditions.
Today they started school like normal and then the snow started again. So everyone got out at 12 noon. Road conditions are becoming really bad due to snow plows only being able to do so much. The snow has been coming down for hours and we are now over a foot of snow. The weather man says it will continue to snow until tomorrow evening. 6+ inches will be added by tomorrow if not more. I'm guessing more. So hubby has gone to the store to pick up a few things to survive off of this weekend. I've heard the stores are already getting low on certain things, so I hope he hurries!!!

Yesterday was my little Sister Shannon's Birthday. She turned the big 12! Happy Birthday Shannon!
Also my Aunt Jan turned a year older. Happy Birthday Aunt Jan!!!

What a special day with all these birthdays going on!!! Well I must go for now, I'll be back tomorrow I'm sure! Byes Everyone!

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