Mar 24, 2006

Its Friday!

No School today...So its wild around here. Chuck is trying to sleep somehow through all of this. He has to go back into work again tonight at 8pm. These night shifts are awful!!! But anyways, nothing really going on here. Same ol' same ol'

I hope everyone back home had a good week. I hope you all have a great weekend as well. We miss you all so much!!!

I need to work on writing an article for this month, but gosh I haven't had time and there is nothing really to talk about. Any ideas??? I'm fresh out.

I got an e-mail from Pastor Harold Salmon this morning. Letting me know they were coming to pick the girls up June 19th. I can't believe they are really leaving me for almost 2 months. I'm going to lose my mind!!! :(

Well its snack time here, so I better go. Byes!


Mama said...

We are just going to have to pray that God will keep the girls safe and happy while they are away from you! I know it will be so hard, but we will get thru it with God's grace. Hopefully, they will let us see them some while they are here. We will just have to continue to pray about it. I love you baby, always! Love, Mama

Angie said...

I think those words of encouragement from your mom is exactly right. I know it's going to be hard, but you will get through it just like she said. If for some chance they let yall see the girls, please let me know im on my head to see how big they have got IN PERSON!!! Love you cuz!!

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