Mar 18, 2006

Pictures Of CJ's 1st Birthday Party

CJ is fixing to start opening his presents
Don't you just love his HAT?!?!

More Presents

Oooh Leapfrog Tad toy

All of his presents!

CJ's 1st Birthday Card!

CJ's Sunshine Carebear Cake

His Sunshine Carebear Candle

CJ & Daddy Blowing out his Candle!

OHHH Cake!!!!!!! Tons of Sugar!

Hey This Tastes GOOD!

Another Picture LOL

Ahh Who needs a plate???

Lookie Its on my NOSE!!!

CJ is such a mess!

Here is Kailey

Here is Teia & Cassie

Birthday Decorations

Happy 1st Birthday CJ!!!


Angie said...

I love those pictures. I only wish that we were there helping celebrate his birthday.

Lucinda said...

Look at the loot he got! It's hard to believe he's already a year old and getting cuter every day.

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