Mar 13, 2006

Hey Sorry I haven't posted

Cassie has been sick with an Ear Infection and pink eye. So that has been no fun at all.
Friday I went to a Surprise Baby Shower and that was so much fun!
Sunday was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts and I had a blast, was really upset that Cassie couldn't go with me tho since she was sick. But I was able to bring her some stuff home from the event.
Tonight I'm walking down to Jenifer's house to discuss our Girl Scout Meeting this Wednesday.
So I guess you can say I've been busy. Well I'll post later, just wanted to pop on and leave a line for everyone. BYES!

1 comment:

mama said...

Please tell Cassie I hope she feels better very soon and give her a big kiss and hug from me. So glad you are posting more often. Love you my sweet, Mama

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