Dec 21, 2007

Is 12 degrees cold?

Okay 12 degrees is just nuts and VERY cold! I looked outside and everything is white. Not from snow, but from ice. I was hoping to go to the store today, now i'm not so sure.

Yesterday was the Christmas Party for Chuck's work. It was at the clubhouse at the golf course. That was the first time I've even been there. We had to walk up a hill to get to the place and it was freezing outside. Needless to say by the time we got to the door I was ill. As the long 2 hours went on It wasn't so bad. The kids had fun. The food was good. Somebody played a guitar and we sang Christmas music. I was glad to leave though. Kris was getting ill cause he wanted to sleep. CJ was getting wild and was throwing things around the room. Cassie and Kailey did very well though. We got two gifts, both a thing of candy. Yummy!

We have been invited to go to a candlelight Christmas eve service, Christmas Eve night at 6pm. I really want to go. I'm sure its going to be really nice.

It's 8am. Why am I up so early? Chuck's still in bed, along with Kailey and Kristopher. Me, CJ, and Cassie are up. Whats wrong with us? It's Saturday. Shouldn't we all be sleeping late? Maybe in a few years when the kids are grown and they all want to sleep in.

Well i'm going to go now. Need to put some pants on CJ, his legs are cold. Gotta give the kids that are up their medicine. 3 days till Christmas!

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Mama said...

Okay, 12 degrees is really just too cold. It might as well snow if it's gonna be THAT cold! So glad you had fun at the party. Hope you get to go to the Christmas Eve thingy. I love you so much honey! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! We all here miss you and will be thinking about all of you...wishing you were here with us. I year! Love, Mama

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