Dec 20, 2007

Medicine Anyone?

Well when you have 4 sick kids this is what your counter looks like when its time for medicine. 3 times a day, until its all gone.
Kailey has pneumonia, runny nose, and cough.
CJ has tonsillitis, runny nose, and cough.
Cassie was starting to get what CJ had, along with a runny nose and cough.
Kristopher has nasty cold coming out of his eyes, runny nose and cough.

Wanted to share an awesome receipe with everyone too:

Last night was our Christmas Party Awards Ceremony for our Brownie Troop. Here is some pictures of me and the girls:

The girls earned EIGHT Try-Its and SEVEN Fun Patches! I'm so proud of them!
One of my Brownies Kaleigh gave me a Christmas gift and a bowl full of candy. Aww!

Tomorrow is the CID Christmas Party. It starts at 3pm. We were not going to go, but then they made it mandatory because Chuck said we were not coming. Go figure. Guess we will show up for a few minutes and then leave. I can't handle 4 sick kids while everyone stands around and talks. Not my idea of fun. I might take pictures if I get a chance. I think we are taking pasta salad for our dish.

Christmas is just around the corner people! I hope everyone is almost done shopping. We have been finished for a little while. Don't forget to tell your children the real meaning of Christmas!

I'm hoping, praying for a white christmas, no snow as of yet though. :( So sad. I want some snow sooooo very badly!!!

I'll update tomorrow if I get a chance. Byes all!

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Mama said...

I sure hope the kids are feeling much better today and will be great by Christmas morning! I know you are taking great care of them. Give them a hug and a kiss from us! Tell Chuck to get to that Post Office..You should have more boxes from us to pick up! Have fun at that party..hopefully it won't be too cold outside! You look beautiful in those pictures do the girls! So Proud! Love you guys, Mama

Mama said...

Such beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one with you and the girls standing together....So Precious! Hey, I'm gonna try that recipe...looks like it would be so cute! You are so right, Christmas is almost here! What a beautiful season! I hope you get your wish for a White Christmas!

L.K. Campbell said...

Oh, the girls are so cute, and I hope everyone will be over their sickness soon—at least in time for Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

How I admire you my precious granddaughter. You are such a loving, caring mother. I have been concerned about the four children and hope that all will be well by the time Santa comes. Really appreciate your remark about telling the children the real christmas story! Grannie

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