Dec 29, 2007

WooHoo for Saturday!

Ahh its the weekend people! Hubby has the weekend off, which is always nice. First thing this morning I got an email from an internet friend Rick, who drew my husbands Christmas Present. You can see a copy of the picture on the top left side of my blog now. Isn't it cute?!?! You can see Rick's Blog HERE and maybe order your own for that special someone or just for yourself! He is having a contest right now and you might even WIN a FREE one. Free is always good!

So...We went to the powerzone and got the girls a new VSmile game for their new handheld VSmile, thanks Nana, they girls love it and fight over it. lol. Na, really, Thank You, they absolutley love the thing and it keeps them very well occupied. CJ got more cars *sigh* can a kid have to many hotwheel cars? Me and Kristopher and Dad didn't get anything. No wait, Chuck got a new remote for the TV in the livingroom! Ahhh another remote to lose and that will get thrown around by CJ. Then on to the PX we went. I picked up three gifts for the Father Daughter Dance and some Cotton Balls for my "How many Cotton Balls are in the Jar" contest. I had to get three gifts because one is for a Daisy winner, one for a Brownie Winner, and one for a Junior Winner. Should be alot of fun, I hope. Then on to the Grocery Store we went. It was about 5pm by then. We spent a little over $200 at the grocery store, we must eat WAY to much! Got home, unloaded the groceries, ate our Sub sandwhiches we bought at the Commisary, and then relaxed and played with the kids. Come bed time at 7pm we laid the boys down to bed and then Me, Chuck, Cassie, and Kailey all played a game of "Life". Cassie got the game from Santa Clause and so far we are having a blast playing it. So far I've won both games. GO ME! lol.

Well I got wet hair, took a shower a few minutes ago. Guess I need to dry my hair and go to bed. Its already almost 10:45pm. I'm gonna be tired in the morning. Oh well, tomorrow is cleaning day in the Payne House, oh joy! Until next time....Love ya all,

Today's Comic:


Cheryl said...

Linked to your site from Rick's - love his drawing of your family. Please thank your husband for his service - and thank you and your family for the sacrifices you make regularly as well.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the cartoon for today... my daughter got an ipod for christmas i surely can relate!
happy new year
oh yeah i came from ricks link as well.

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