Dec 13, 2007

Just rambling...

Good Morning World! I'm just sitting here at the dinning room table with CJ in my lap. I figured I'd update while I had a break. Not much going on really but i'm sure I can come up with something to ramble on about....

Yesterday was Chucks first day of school. It's only 3 days long. He didn't get home till late last night and said he will be working late again tonight also. He works way to much. Sometimes I hate the Army Life. He got to go hang out with the guys last night after school to get some off time with some friends. Must be nice huh? I think I'm going to go over to a friends house one Saturday night and watch a movie or something so I can get out of the house too.

Today my Brownie Co-Leader Jennifer is suppose to be coming over to plan the Troop Sleepover. I haven't heard from her yet though. Don't know where she is. The Troop Sleepover is this Saturday night and the girls are so excited about it. I need to pull out their NEW sleeping bags and let them air out so they don't smell like a Walmart Warehouse anymore. We have so many fun things planned. You have to check out the food we are going to make.
We are going to make these yummy looking marshmallow snowmen:

And these Honey Graham Cracker Christmas Trees:

I'll have to make sure to get lots of pictures of my girls doing this. There will be 16 girls there Saturday night. Wow we are going to have our hands full!!!
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We have all our Christmas presents wrapped. Not all of them are under the tree though because I don't want to temp CJ into tearing them all open. Stockings are full and hid in the closet. We had them handing up in the livingroom but CJ kept finding a way to pull them down and then would try to put them on his foot while saying "sock, sock". So yea no stockings are hanging up this year. But they are ready for Christmas! Now all we have to do is wait on the boxes my Mom and Dad sent us from home, to finish stockings and filling under the tree. I'm getting excited!!! Oh and Chuck found out he isn't on call Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, isn't that wonderful news!!!

Real quick before I forget...Cassie's Class was in the Paper:

Well I better go I guess. I need to clean up the livingroom. The kitchen and dinning room are clean, but the livingroom is a train wreck. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! Happy Holidays!

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Hayley said...

OMG 16 kids!!! Where are you all having the sleepover? I bet it will be splendid fun though,
Its great news that Chuck gets to be with the family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I am so pleased for yous!!
Its funny about CJ wearing the stockings LMAO all my kids have had a go at that one sometime or other he he!!

Have fun on your sleep over
Take Care
Lots of Love Hayley xxx

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