Jun 8, 2006

Chuck's 24 Birthday - May 27th

May 27th was Chuck's 24th Birthday! So Cassie, Kailey, and me made him a cake! It was soooo yummy!!!

^^Daddy making a crazy face!

^^Kailey and Cassie making a crazy face!

Umm I think Daddy is suppose to be making the wish, not Kailey! LOL!

Not sure who blew out the candle, I just know it wasn't daddy! HAHA!


Mama said...

"Happy Birthday Chuck"....hope he had a great day! The pictures are really cute! Love you guys!

HAYLEY said...

happy birthday chuck lol i love the cake it looks yummy bet you it tasted better tho with all the kids spit as well its like that here lol one cake yet the candles get blown out by 5 kids lol great pictures

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