Jun 11, 2006

Bathtime - June 11th

Bathtime at the Payne's House LOL!

Kailey, Cassie, and CJ!
Poor Cassie went to a birthday party today that was outside and her little shoulders got burnt. And crazy CJ has his paci in upside down LOL!

All 3 of them again!

And Last but not least my little CJ!


Mama said...

They are growing up so fast! I sure miss all of you so much! The pictures are so cute! Hate that Cassie got that sunburn..you'll have to send sunscreen with them everywhere they go! Can't wait to hold my babies again! Love you, Mama

HAYLEY said...

they are just too sweet lol its great when they can all jump in together saves the water bills ha ha poor cassie i hope its not hurting her too much i have been following the world cup in germany and yous are getting some lovely weather

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