Jan 16, 2010

Long time no type

Geez I keep meaning to keep this thing updated and I just forget! I never remember to come on here and put anything. I may just not have much to say I guess.

Update on hubby…

He comes home next month. Can’t wait!

He also re enlisted for Ft. Bragg, NC and will be coming home for good in May. What a wonderful birthday present! This 12 month deployment has sucked. I miss him!

3 of the kids were sick last week, they are all feeling better now.

My stepdad Johnny was in the hospital Friday, please say a prayer if you do that kinda thing. I’m hoping to go see him tomorrow.

I finish my current college course tomorrow! I have a 2,000 word paper due that I haven’t even started yet!

2 more courses to go and I'll have my associates degree. Can’t wait!

Okay well I can’t think of anything else. Byes!

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