Jan 17, 2010

Completed another college course!

It’s 11:43pm my time and I just turned in my final paper, all 2,143 words of it! OMG my fingers are tired! I’ve got to stop waiting until the last minute to write papers! But you know, I tend to do so well under pressure for some reason. So anyways…

Woohoo I’m 3 more credit hours towards my Associates degree! 2 Classes to go and I’m done! I can’t hardly wait!

Okay well I’m off to bed now. I’m exhausted!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, since I haven't heard from you much lately and don't know what is going on with you I certainly was glad to see you writing on your blog again. I am so excited for you honey. Glad the little ones are feeling better
I make sure I check on them with your mom.
Love you so very much,

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