Nov 14, 2009

Saturday Shout-Out!

I like giving reviews to websites that happen to catch my eye now and then. I am a huge Google search junkie. Isaturday love finding new sites with kewl and interesting things. Online shops, helpful tips, etc. I don’t get paid to review these websites. Heck they may not even know I am reviewing them. But if it helps them out a little bit with their traffic, then all the better. If you would like me to review your website/blog just let me know and I’ll give it some consideration.

Today’s Saturday Shout-Out goes to The Vintage Pearl. I love their website. It’s so pretty and inviting. From the first time I saw their homepage, I immediately wanted to see more inside this fabulous little shop. Oh and was I surprised! Their jewelry is beautiful. blogad1-3 My most favorite item would have to be the Dainty Drops. But with me having 4 kids, a whopping $58 for something like this is a bit steep for me. I mean I understand you get 4 charms, but still. I guess I’m just cheap. I could see maybe paying $30 tops for a necklace like this, but no more. But hey some people don’t mind buying expensive handmade items. I am by no means giving this website a negative review, because I really love this little shop. It’s just the prices for me and my clan are a bit expensive. But for those of you with one or two kids, it would be a perfect place to get some handmade items that you just may cherish forever.

Well I’m off to get ready for a friends birthday party. Hope everyone has an Splendid Saturday!

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Always a Southern Girl said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours. I am going to check out The Vintage Pearl. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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