Jan 18, 2010

Started new course today

Today I started my new course. It is called Diversity in the Classroom. Should be interesting and fun.

Heard from the hubby today. He signs his re enlistment papers tomorrow…who knows though, it’s already tomorrow there, he might have already signed them. Crazy time difference. lol

We know what company he is going to once he gets to Ft. Bragg already though. I’d say the name of the company, but it’s not like anyone would actually know what I was talking about. Supposedly they just got back from Iraq in November 2009 so hopefully it will be awhile before they deploy again and if we are lucky Chuck will be long gone from them by the time they do.

Took a picture of my crazy cat today:

new cam 001

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L.K. Campbell said...

I'm glad that Chuck will be coming back to Ft. Bragg, so that you won't have to move again. I know you're counting the days. Good luck with your course.

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