Jan 1, 2008

Happy New Years

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I hope everyone has a Happy New Years! Last night I got to watch fireworks out of our bedroom window that faces towards the city of baumholder. It was beautiful and they lasted for at least 30 minutes. The kids slept through them all. Maybe when they are all older and in the states we can stay up late and watch them all together somewhere where they display huge ones!

Yesterday we cut CJ's hair.

Yea we messed it up pretty bad. LOL!

Here are the rest of the kids:

Today's Comic:


Mama said...

Happy New Year! I bet those fireworks were beautiful! We sat up and played Dominos with JuJu/Chase. Now this morning everyone is still asleep (except me, lol). The pics are so cute. So you cut CJ's hair yourself? Cute! Love your comic too...sounds just like me! Love you! Have a wonderful New's Year Day! Love, Mama

Rick said...

Thanks for dropping in again. I enjoyed looking at the photos - familar faces to me.

Mama said...

Hey, tell Rick that your Mama said he did an outstanding job on the family picture! It is awesome!

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