Jan 3, 2008


Some of you may think this is a crazy post. A childish post even. LOL! But when you hang around kids 24/7 i think they rub off on you ALOT! Cassie my 7 year old received a Tamagotchi for Christmas. I used to have one when they first came out, back in 96-97'. They are these kewl little handheld games in the shape of an egg. They are virtual pets that you feed, clean, and play games with. They grow and learn. Very kewl! Well Kailey was upset she didn't get one. They were all sold out here in town, so we drove to the nearest air base about 30 minutes away to get her one. While we were there I figured I'd get myself one too. I know, I know, I'm a big kid. But they are very fun. We can all connect our Tamagotchis and play games together. The girls love that! Its kewl to see your Tamagotchi on another screen playing games with your daughters Tamagotchi. So anyways. I joined a New Years Hatch on a Tamagotchi website. We all hatched new Tamagotchis on New Years and have been keeping up with their progress since. SO you have to include pictures and such. SO I wanted to share some of the pictures with you guys. Here we go:

First they start off as little eggs:

Then they hatch and it tells you if they are a boy or a girl:

A named my boy ZOWIE!

Then it grew into a toddler:

Here is ZOWIE playing with a ball:

Then ZOWIE grew into a Teenager:

Here it is Taking a Bath and Brushing His Teeth before bedtime:

I'm expecting ZOWIE to grow into an Adult today. So maybe I'll update about him in a few days. Kailey named her little Tamagotchi boy "CJ" and Cassie named her little Tamagotchi girl "SARAH". So far they all 3 are buddies. The more they play together the more they will become friends.

Well for all of you that think i'm crazy for playing with a game that says "For Ages 7 & Up", I'm sorry, but I'm still a kid at heart. LOL!!!

P.S. The Father Daughter Dance is tomorrow night. Look for tons of pictures Sunday Morning!!!

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Mama said...

Hey Sweetheart: I don't think it's crazy...I like my toys too...I play the Sims2 every chance I get, lol. The pics were cute. Can't wait to see pics from the dance...Hope they all have FUN! Tell Chuck he better dance with them! All he has to do is stand there, hold their hands and let them twirl around. Love your comic today! Hope you are feeling better. Love you, Mama

Mama said...

I also meant to add that I certainly can remember taking those things to work with me while you were at school....feeding them, etc. to keep them alive for you. It was hard to keep up with them while working, but I did it! It was worth it though...
Love you,

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i still have an original tomagachi... we kept it alive over two years and then the battery died and my daughter and i cried... ours could be hatched again but oh the heartache of losing a virtual pet ...
enjoy your new toy!!!
they are such fun

korkie said...

This comment has nothing to do with your "Tamagotchis" blog; however I do remember my son having one. I think he missed the 'concept.' I think he tried to see how fast he could kill his.

I read your comment on "Because I said so" blog on commercials.
I can't stand military commercials the couple times a month I see them.
I can't imagine what I would do watching them 24/7.

What I don't get is why they are showing these types of commercials to the armed service personnel; you're already enlisted. Who are they trying to convince??

Rick said...

Thanks for your kind remarks Kristy. Both of the winners seemed excited about winning.

Thank you also for the link to my blog. I am honored to have my work posted there.


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