Dec 3, 2007

Hope you had a great weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was okay. Saturday we went to the PX to finish our Christmas Shopping for the kids. You know its very hard to shop for children when they are with you and them not seeing whats in the cart. Afterwards we went to the Grocery Store. Then we came home, unloaded Groceries and tried to make supper as fast as we could because everyone was starving. Then came bedtime for the boys, clean up time for me, playtime for the girls, and TV time for the hubby. I didn't clean much though, did dishes and vaccumed, that was about it.

Weather this weekend was awful. Storm after storm, rain and more rain, VERY strong winds, and freezing cold. Here is a picture out of our front window:

Looks nice and gloomy huh?

My cousin Angie had her Baby Shower Saturday. I've yet to see pictures from the actual event but I got to see pictures of all the presents she got. She racked up thats for sure. Sucked I couldn't be there though. I'm so excited for my Cousin Angie and her family. She has wanted another baby for so long and it finally happened for her. She is Due January 30th, I believe. I hate my memory, but yea pretty sure its Jan. 30th. lol. Its a boy and she plans to name him Aaron. Hopefully hubby will get CID school in Feb or March so I can go home and see him.

Kailey fell Friday after school and busted her nose really good. It bled for a good hour. Then that night she lost her voice, probably from all the screaming she did when it happen. She is fine now though. I think all the blood clots have come out and her voice is back to normal. Poor kid.

Well thats all, better go for now. Have a great week everone,

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Mama said...

Wow, looked like you guys had some bad storms! Our weekend was great! The baby shower was really nice Saturday. Sunday the Christmas Parade was awesome! I got to meet BEN VEREEN! Gave him a big hug, got his autograph and my picture taken with him. He was sooo nice! Have a good day sweetie and give Kailey my love! So glad she is okay now!

Angie said...

Well cuz, you know how I am with pictures LOL! You have the date right your memory worked well today! Oh my gosh, I am so glad Kailey is feeling better, you didn't tell me she got hurt! Give all my lil cousins a hug and kiss for me. I too hope that your home so you can visit with me and Aaron and everyone else.

Love ya

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