Dec 4, 2007

Don't wet the bed...

I woke up this morning right after 7am. Kailey was in the bathroom, so I went to see if Cassie was up yet and she was pulling off wet clothes!

Me: "whats wrong cassie, what happened?"
Cassie: "kailey peed in my bed and im wet"
Me: "how did she pee in your bed?"
Cassie: "i dunno"
Me: "well go get in the tub and i'll ask kailey what happened"

Me: "kailey how did you pee in cassie's bed? were you not in your bed?"
Kailey: "i dunno"
Me: "what do you mean i don't know?"
Me: "ugh just get in the tub"

Yea glorious morning I tell ya. Gave the girls a bath. Went to get CJ out of his crib and oh man he had done it too! His diaper was overflowing. So I had to throw him in the tub too. Needless to say, the girls were late for school this morning. As for Cassie's bed, I don't know if i'll get all the pee out, but i'm still trying to soak it all up with towels.

Kailey lost her first tooth last night. She only noticed it was loose about 4 hours before it actually fell out. It was her front right top tooth. She got $2 bucks from the tooth fairy too. She was so excited to tell her teacher this morning.

I just caught Kristopher eating CJ's poptart. Can 1 year olds have poptarts for breakfast? To late...good thing it only had Soy Milk in it.



Mama said...

Sorry you had such a bad morning. Poor Kailey. And tell CJ to STOP stuffing his mouth full, lol. So tickled about Kailey hearing from that tooth fairy! I know she was excited! Wish I could have seen her face! Sending lots of love to all my sweeties over in Germany! Miss you!

Maria said...

That sounds like a lot of my mornings, too. Changing kids, cleaning the bed, baths, late for school. I need to stop staying up so late blogging!

Enjoyed reading you.

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