Nov 15, 2007

We got SNOW!

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Well its almost Friday! Where did the week go?

Cassie has another loose tooth! This will be #3!

What did we wake up to this morning? Well SNOW!!!
I got pics too!

I heard from an old friend today, Keisha! If you see this "HEY!" *wave* She has very sad news though. Her Fiance was in a car accident on October 25, 2007 and is now in Chapel Hill. He is in coma and I pray he wakes up soon. He has two children who need him and a fiance who needs him. Please add him to your prayer list, his name is Chris. Thank you. Keisha I love you and I'm thinking about you, your in my prayers.


Mama said...

Cassie is gonna be called "snaggle-toothed"...ha ha. The picture of CJ checking out the "SNOW" is so sweet. You guys be careful walking back and forth to school! So glad Keisha was able to reach was great talking to's sad about her fella. Try to record those girls singing again for me...pleazzeee...Love you! Hugs and Kisses,

Hayley said...

Oh bless Cassie her new Christmas song will be "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" lol!! The snow is lovely I so wish I was there to play in it with yous I love snow!

Hayley xxx

L.K. Campbell said...

Oh, I love your snow pictures. I don't think we had any at all last year. Maybe this year. Have a great weekend.

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