Oct 24, 2006

36 Week OBGYN Appointment

I gained 10 pounds in the past month. So now ive gained 35 pounds in all. the babies heart rate was in the high 140's. He didnt even check me! I was hoping he would and say I had some kind of progress. Oh well! Also I can't get my appointment next week to get my membranes stripped because he is taking a mini vacation. So my next appointment is Nov. 7th @ 8:45am and I'll be 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant then and he will strip my membranes for me at that time. I'm measuring right on time...36 cm. OH and the head is down! Ugh i'm so tired of being pregnant! Well thats my update!


Mama said...

It will be okay baby....just hang in there. Rest as much as you can! And remember I Love You Very Much!

hayley(f4l) said...

wow the time has went by so quickly little Kris will be here before we know it

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