Nov 8, 2009

I should be ashamed of myself!

I haven’t posted in 2 months! Can you believe that? TWO MONTHS! I should be ashamed of myself. So what’s happened in my life the past 2 months? I got a job! First one in 9 years! If that isn’t an accomplishment, I don’t know what is! I’m working from home as a Virtual Assistant with a great company and loving it!

Some updated pictures of me and the kids from this past Saturday at the mall on the Carousel ride:

14431_170508223299_569043299_2835488_3281914_n 14431_170508233299_569043299_2835489_8219642_n

We went trick or treating of course for Halloween 9 days ago, some pictures to capture the moment:

DSC01052 DSC01066

My brother recently got a Tattoo:


Oh and a new picture of the hubby who is STILL rotting in Iraq:


^^^^That’s him on the far left sleeping. lol

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