Nov 11, 2008

"Fuzzy Head"

Well we decided to give the men a hair cut this morning! Now they all have a "Fuzzy Head!" lol

Here is Kris being all cute and silly. I can't believe he turns 2 in TWO days!

  IMG_0667 IMG_0664

Here is CJ and Daddy. Chuck said this is the shortest I've ever cut his hair.


Okay Chloe didn't get a hair cut but she had fun watching. lol



L.K. Campbell said...

They look like Marines! LOL! It will always grow out. Those are good pictures.

EmmaP said...

oh - i love the term "fuzzy" hari cuts. so cute! also - the pooch is cute!!! thanks for stopping by from SITS today!

ashley b said...

this reminds 2 year old desperately needs a hair cut. your boys are all very handsome!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Kristopher is already gonna be 2 years old! He looks so does CJ! Chuck looks cute too. I will still miss Kris's beautiful golden curls though! Chloe's picture is sweet!

Rhea said...

What a handsome group of men!

Chloe is adorable.

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